Types of Holistic Methods For Sports Therapy

Keeping your body healthy and fit is crucial for an athlete. When injuries stop you in your tracks the first step is healing, but what if you began to treat the root of the symptoms? Your muscles, nervous system and immune system can all play important roles in your athleticism and, if you want a well-rounded approach, you may want to try some of these holistic methods.


One method of physiotherapy Mississauga ON is massage. By manipulating the muscles, tightness can be relieved, allowing you to stretch more readily to prevent injuries from happening. 


Chiropractic care focuses on the nervous system and the musculoskeletal systems. They manipulate the joints to relieve pain, restore mobility and decrease muscle tightness. Most of the time sessions are focused around pain that occurs in the back, neck, arms and legs.


Acupuncture uses small needles placed in specific locations with the belief that the body has it’s own natural pain-relieving chemicals. When the needles are placed in the appropriate acupuncture points it stimulates the nerves and muscles. This method is used often to treat chronic pain and headaches.


Reiki is a Japanese technique which aims to restore the energy of the body. Hands are laid on different areas of the body, including the head, feet, stomach and shoulders, during each treatment.


Yoga promotes the idea of mindfulness and works to restore peace and strength in the body. With a focus on breathing, posture, balance and movement, yoga can be a benefit to both your body and your mind.


Ayurvedic techniques have an Indian background and are all about restoring balance to the body through the use of natural medicines. The main focus is to use massage and herbal oils to rid the body of harmful toxins that may be causing illness or pain.


Choosing well reviewed essential oils for use in aromatherapy is key to the best results. Many essential oils can promote good health through better sleep, decreasing anxiety and relieving pain. Learning about the best blends specific to your ailments will help you choose the most useful oils for your body. Oils can be used in a diffuser, cream, lotion or spray. Pay attention when trying a new oil to ensure you have no allergies.

Each of these more holistic approaches may be different than what you’ve previously experienced, but if one or more of them can increase your athletic potential than it’s worth it to experiment.

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