Fad Diets and You

Your health is one of your most relevant and important concerns. An area that greatly impacts your overall health and wellbeing is your diet. The need to eat better and live healthier is a challenge people face every day and there are many services helping people do just that. GoEatRightNow.com allows you to track your eating habits in a more in-depth way and understand your relationship with food and why you eat the way you do. Understanding your relationship with food is key to changing your diet for the long term and achieving results that last. Continue reading “Fad Diets and You”

Types of Holistic Methods For Sports Therapy

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Keeping your body healthy and fit is crucial for an athlete. When injuries stop you in your tracks the first step is healing, but what if you began to treat the root of the symptoms? Your muscles, nervous system and immune system can all play important roles in your athleticism and, if you want a well-rounded approach, you may want to try some of these holistic methods.


One method of physiotherapy Mississauga ON is massage. By manipulating the muscles, tightness can be relieved, allowing you to stretch more readily to prevent injuries from happening. 


Chiropractic care focuses on the nervous system and the musculoskeletal systems. They manipulate the joints to relieve pain, restore mobility and decrease muscle tightness. Most of the time sessions are focused around pain that occurs in the back, neck, arms and legs.


Acupuncture uses small needles placed in specific locations with the belief that the body has it’s own natural pain-relieving chemicals. When the needles are placed in the appropriate acupuncture points it stimulates the nerves and muscles. This method is used often to treat chronic pain and headaches.


Reiki is a Japanese technique which aims to restore the energy of the body. Hands are laid on different areas of the body, including the head, feet, stomach and shoulders, during each treatment.


Yoga promotes the idea of mindfulness and works to restore peace and strength in the body. With a focus on breathing, posture, balance and movement, yoga can be a benefit to both your body and your mind.


Ayurvedic techniques have an Indian background and are all about restoring balance to the body through the use of natural medicines. The main focus is to use massage and herbal oils to rid the body of harmful toxins that may be causing illness or pain.


Choosing well reviewed essential oils for use in aromatherapy is key to the best results. Many essential oils can promote good health through better sleep, decreasing anxiety and relieving pain. Learning about the best blends specific to your ailments will help you choose the most useful oils for your body. Oils can be used in a diffuser, cream, lotion or spray. Pay attention when trying a new oil to ensure you have no allergies.

Each of these more holistic approaches may be different than what you’ve previously experienced, but if one or more of them can increase your athletic potential than it’s worth it to experiment.

4 Things You Should Know Before Getting Acupuncture

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If you’ve been dealing with pain lately or are recovering from certain types of accidents like car accidents, you may have thought about booking an acupuncture session to get relief. Unlike other types of pain treatments, acupuncture takes a holistic approach to health and uses very thin needles on specific parts of your body to help you feel better. This may help stimulate blood flow and aid your body’s built-in painkillers to soothe you. If you’ve never had a treatment before, though, it can seem scary or intimidating at first. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way! Simply being prepared with a few key facts can help you decide whether acupuncture is right for you. Continue reading “4 Things You Should Know Before Getting Acupuncture”

Here Are Some Ways New Technology Can Help You Make Healthier Habits

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Whether it stems from a New Year’s resolution, a medical scare, or just a desire to get back in shape, there are countless reasons a person might want to pay more attention to his or her health as the aging process starts to set in. While this is not exactly an easy prospect in any environment, certain aspects of our modern society can make it a bit easier to live a healthier lifestyle. Implement the following techniques to get the most out of what the digital world has to offer. Continue reading “Here Are Some Ways New Technology Can Help You Make Healthier Habits”

All About Peptides

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If you are a body builder or professional athlete, you probably know all about the mini-proteins that make up the latest and greatest in weight-loss and muscle building wonders for the human body. For those of you that don’t know anything about the newest and best product to come out of the research clinics, this article is for you. Here are a few facts all about peptides. Continue reading “All About Peptides”

What In the Health

The last ten months have been such a whirlwind for our family. Our move last August threw such a wrench in our normal operations from my kids acclimating to new schools, The Chad settling into and operating in a new, high level, position at work, and my overall operation. I tended to take on the majority of the stress for my family, I wanted to ensure that they would fall back into some formal of normalcy, despite moving 2000 miles away from everything we knew for the past 14 years. In taking on all my family’s stress, I had my own stress that I was not dealing with, emotionally, physically and mentally. Despite my trips to the gym and processing what I could, I had not dealt with the negativity of past relationships that I had severed (as they no longer served me or my family), the loss of my close friends and family, and being alone in a state where I knew no one. What I did not know was that all of this stress, coupled with the stress my body was put through with my weight loss journey would be a perfect storm for my health. Continue reading “What In the Health”

Ahhsoles – Offensively Comfortable

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As an Arizona resident we Phoenicians live in flip-flops. When wearing our favorite thonged footwear, we want something comfortable. Ahhsoles are the offensively comfortable flip-flop that brings joy to ever step. More than just letting the tarsals be free, our feet really take a daily beating, from walking, running, heels, socks and dress shoes. We do not treat out feet to enough TLC. Ahhsoles provide a unique feeling of comfort and style with each step. Continue reading “Ahhsoles – Offensively Comfortable”

GainZ Box For the Gym Addict – 52 Weeks of Subscriptions, Shopping & Boxes

About a year and a half ago I went on a major transformation with my health. Lifting heavy weights and paying attention to what I was eating was on the daily for me. I quickly became a gym addict and loved all that I was feeling; sore, tired, energized and always hungry. Last fall needed something new in my routine and I found CrossFit, rather functional fitness. Of course, like any good thing a monthly box and subscription exists for the gym addict, Gain[Z] boxes, which are curated based on functional fitness. A monthly box that contains awesome workout clothes, fitness coupons and swag, as well as fitness gear and other goodies! Who wouldn’t love the goodies contained in this box? Continue reading “GainZ Box For the Gym Addict – 52 Weeks of Subscriptions, Shopping & Boxes”

Kinzd RFID Wallets for Active Lifestyles

Kinzd a company specializes in leather accessories and wallets. The Money Clip is nice and fits easily in jean pockets. The fact that it is RFID blocking is an added bonus. This wallet features:

  • Soft Embossed Full-Grain Leather
  • Measures: 4.3″ x 2.8″ x 0.1″ (11cm x 7.1cm x 0.3cm)
  • 3 Card Slots,1 ID Display Window,1 Change pocket,1 Strong Magnetic Money Clip

Continue reading “Kinzd RFID Wallets for Active Lifestyles”

Outdoor Spring Activities – Physical Fitness Month

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Hard to believe that we are already into May and almost half way through the year. Spring is in full swing with warmer weather, plants are in bloom, and a great time to get outdoors and get active. May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month—which makes it the perfect time to renew your commitment to a healthy, active lifestyle while inspiring your kids to do the same. Continue reading “Outdoor Spring Activities – Physical Fitness Month”