Weathering the Storm

No better euphemism could apply to my life than this over the past few months. You see, so much has happened to our family since April of this year. We like to believe that everything in this life happens for a reason, whether divine or not, we like to think mostly divine; the experiences we have in this life tell the larger story of the beauty of the human spirit. Needless to say these experiences we have endured over the last several months have kept us busy and away from the virtual world to share with others.

We are excited to share all of these big changes, events, and some wonderful lessons and tips to apply in your own life. In addition, we have our annual gift guide that will be kicking off next month that we could not be more excited about as well.

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  1. God allows trials in our life so we do grow. They are often so hard to go through but I am always so thankful once I make it through. I know God is with me the whole time. Thank you for sharing. God Bless

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