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USDA Organic, organic, Karie Herring, thefivefish.comMy life is no secret. No secrets on my blog, Twitter, Facebook; I profess my love and adoration for all things green. No…not the fungus among us but you know. Going green. USDA Certified Organic. I am a crunchy green mama and I love it. I feel that a lot of consumers are misinformed on what foods mean to be “organic” and most importantly certified organic. By the basic definition everything is organic, we are from the Earth, carbon based, I will spare you the specifics in science.

However, I will tell you that I FIRMLY believe that organics will save our planet, our families, and help prevent disease. Now I am no doctor, but my belief is that foods that are not certified organic are chock full of the harmful chemicals that we have been told are “perfectly safe for consumption” and furthermore my belief is that when you genetically modify a food…the nature of the food is destroyed. I look at genetically modifying something as inbreeding…the chromosomes and DNA is just not right.

So with my crusade to stuff my kids full of as much organics as possible I was THRILLED toyo baby organic, organic, stonyfieldhave the opportunity to review the “Yo Baby” line of yogurt meals from Stonyfield Farm. My kids love yogurt and finding an organic brand can be like hunting down an heirloom tomato in a potato farm. Stonyfield is fabulous!

Not because I reviewed their yogurts silly, but the flavor is true, mild, rich, and tasty. Most yogurts have that sweetened, half Jello taste to them. Almost like a pudding. Stonyfield is creamy with no sugary taste and not thick and like Jello. I also love that you can read the ingredients:

Cultured pasteurized organic nonfat milk, naturally milled organic sugar, organic cocoa, organic natural vanilla flavor, pectin, vitamin D3

Stonyfield Organic, yo baby organic, organic, baby food, twins, Easy as pie! Others I am left calling my friend who has an environmental science degree and can help me decipher the names of the ingredients…but generally when I have to resort to those measures I just avoid buying the stuff. But Yo Baby and Stonyfield are much more than just organic. The Yo Baby line offers a product that helps your baby grow, provides key nutrients to a healthy diet, and the active cultures to keep their digestive track healthy and happy. Just look at this happy face!

Actually I had one of Little Bitty licking the table where she dribbled her yogurt….but I thought I might be accused of being a suck up.

Anyway, I want to share all the goodness of organic and baby loving that the Stonyfield family of foods offers by offering you this Stonyfield Yo Baby Organics prize pack:

1 Yobaby travel bowl with lid
1 Yobaby organic cotton bib
1 Eric Carle growth chart
3 free Yobaby Meals coupons

Here is how you can win Yo Baby for your baby!

Tell me in a comment for each of these but first tell me: Yo Baby I want some!

Entry options (including multiple entry options for blogging, etc.) But here are some:

  • Let’s be friends on Google Friend Connect or tell me we already are!
  • Subscribe to my feed (3 entries for resubscribing and new subscriptions)
  • Tweet this giveaway with unlimited entries as long as you have no double entries for tweets: Yo Baby I want to win some @Stonyfield from @KariewithaK  http://bit.ly/c0zgSE Ends 3/27
  • Fan Stonyfield, YoBaby, and Oikos on Facebook and receive an entry for each fan…don’t forget to fan The Fish too!


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