Mini MacGyver

Humans are ever resourceful. Truly children though are BY FAR the most resourceful, creative, creatures with endless ingenuity. I knew when Grant was born that he would capable of great feats of genius. So much so that at the ripe age of two he maneuvered his way out of the house. Many times. Now I do not mean unlocking the deadbolt and walking outside, clearly he mastered this by the time he was walking.

No I mean The Chad and I installed a fail safe, no way in hell you can get out the front door, to stroll the neighborhood with the two dogs, operation. We installed slide bolts at the six foot level. We installed door chains (like the ones you see in older hotels). We so much as even installed deadbolts that you need the key. And. The. Key. Is. Hidden.

Alas, our attempts to keep said boy in the house failed.

Let me remind you, he was TWO when he picked up the broom out of the laundry room and lifted it into the air to slide it between the door chain and the door. He slide the chain to the keyhole opening to pop it out of position thus unlocking the door chain. Grant then placed the broom back onto the hanger from where it was resting, opened the door into the garage, snatched another broom to push the garage door button, and was well on his way.

Crafty little devil.

Redbull, kids,, Karie Herring

When Thing 1 and Thing 2 came along I thought, “HA! Best of luck midgets, Grant got me good…no way you two will out do the boy!”

Then I ate my words.

  • Broccoli – Used as a weapon of ass mass destructionbroccoli, twins, boy,
  • A colander….is now a step stool.
  • A toothpick….can unlock any bedroom door allowing for a carnival to take place in my bathroom where at least a half dozen rolls of toilet paper are used for dunking….in said toilet.
  • Toothpaste….the newest carpet cleaner.
  • Batteries….the 9V are used for fun. Place on tongue. Ensue giggling.
  • The recycling bin…a great place to recharge off just a few drops of the left over smidges of Pepsi Max in a crushed can.
  • The laptop? Used for a memory game. Mom….can you remember where all the letters go on your keyboard. (I kid you not!)
  • Vacuum attachments are used to knock things off counters, sweep counters for wanton items, oh and they make great swords.

Have fun Storming the Castle!

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  1. Oh, WOW.
    You got yourself some SERIOUSLY resourceful kids there…I wonder what they are going to do when they get older.
    Now if only they could use these powers for good instead of evil. LOL

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