Your Newest Mormon

Yes, that hot vixen….
Should be Mormon!
And for those who are Mormon, I would convert to LDS to be proper.
Here are my reasons to be Mormon:
  • All my friends are LDS (at least a good portion)
  • LDS have THE BEST support and networking
  • They never cuss (this would be good redemption for my sailor mouth)
  • I have enough kids to work my way into the lower echelon
  • I drive a B M W (Big Mormon Wagon) aka The Minivan
  • I buy in bulk already
  • I believe Jesus was a carpenter (LOL!)
  • I do not celebrate Easter the way Catholics and some Christians celebrate…just the bunny (ha ha!!)
  • I live in Mesa, AZ aka the Little Provo of Arizona
  • I have lived in more Mormon towns than not (Mesa, Chandler, Show Low, Snowflake, St Johns WREAK of LDS  lol!!)
  • I have a standing order from a LDS friend for 50% tithing and 50% Sundays, that’s a killer deal!
  • I am within walking distance to a local church, seriously, like I can see the steeple from my kitchen window!
  • They won’t have to baptize me again when I am dead
  • I like this line of clothes and am holding a Shade Clothing giveaway (My friend Carissa told me I don’t get any more Mormon than that!)
  • Finally….I have the MOTHER of all reasons to convert to LDS
My walk in. Fully stocked. Loaded to the Hilt
Those shelves are 24″ or more deep…with FOOD!
Now I should show you my Mormon garage with water, another fridge, and all my extra canned/dry goods!

14 Replies to “Your Newest Mormon”

  1. Funny – your blog caught my eye since I am LDS. However, I live in TX where we are only 1% of the population – so you may be more Mormon than me! At least by the looks of that food storage! Just kidding. We're still working on that one. I think our family is growing faster than our food storage!

  2. hehehehe that cracks me up! I have Mormon food storage in my house too, I think we are out of food if I can actually see shelving

  3. dude your mormon than me… geez! my food storage consists of 5 cans of flour and a big bag of beans. beans and tortillas i guess… LOL hispanic convert, what can i say..

  4. My pantry looks like yours. Shoved full of food. You can't really even step into mine because of all the big items on the floor. lol

  5. Haha I love this! I live in Mesa also and almost all of our friends are Morman. I know we will convert one day… I'm just waiting for it to happen!

  6. That made me LAUGH. You're more Mormon than me on the pantry side of things and I've been a member all my life. 🙂

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