3 Tips for Keeping a Beautiful Backyard Pond

It can take a lot of effort to create an oasis of a backyard, including the time and work of having a pond designed and installed. After all that investment, you probably want to keep your pond looking (and smelling) its best. After all, your backyard is meant to be enjoyed. Here are three tips for maintaining your backyard pond or water feature.

1. Manage Plants and Weeds

You may have planted some beautiful native water grasses or budding flowers in or around your pond. To keep these healthy and thriving, be sure to keep up with regular aquatic weed control practices. This can mean hiring a professional, as well as watching for plants that appear sallow, wilting, or less perky than usual. It’s also a great idea to pay attention to the plants around your pond. Be sure to prune trees that overhang the water to ensure your water plants receive the proper amount of sunlight.

2. Keep the Pond Clean

You may be surprised to learn that regular cleaning maintenance of a backyard pond should start as soon as construction is complete. It’s much harder to achieve a clean pond once you’ve let muck and sludge accumulate. Stay on top of your water’s cleanliness with leaf skimming, pond vacuuming, and yearly deep cleans with water replacement. Remember that leaves can clog the pump and hurt the overall health of your pond and the life inside it, so it’s important to skim leaves whenever they appear.

3. Keep Equipment Working Properly

To maintain the health of the aquatics in your pond, you probably already have a few pieces of equipment. Commonly, backyard ponds are installed with a pump, a filter, water lines, and sometimes fountains. If any of these pieces breaks or starts to malfunction, it can put extra strain on other parts of the system and make a problem even worse. Be sure to pay attention to changes in your pond. This might mean an unusual sound, a new smell, or a sudden drop in water level. A professional can diagnose and resolve these issues, and your pond and the life within it will thank you for your vigilance.

A water feature on your personal property can be a great source of enjoyment and contentment. The gurgling sound of a fountain, the croaking of a frog, and the quiet splash of aquatic life can bring a smile to your face, especially when you feel the ownership of having put in the work to make and keep your pond in excellent condition. With proper care, your backyard pond can continue to serve you for many happy years to come.

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