Manscaped – The Ultimate Gift of Grooming

Holiday gift giving can be stressful, especially for a man who has everything. The Chad and I as we have grown older have learned and seen the value of functional gift giving and have shared this same ideal with our children. Now that my children are all young adults and into their teen years, functional gift are even more important. Enter in the functional gift of grooming and self care, just for men. My daughter and I know all about the primping and self care, so why not men as well?

MANSCAPED is the ultimate gift of grooming. MANSCAPED is the leading men’s grooming for above and below the waist grooming and hygiene. From trimmers to shavers, ball wipes and body wash, MANSCAPED has a full line of colognes, deodorants, nail care to lip balm. Quite literally the ultimate gift for grooming for the man in your life. Our MANSCAPED “package” that we had the distinct pleasure of letting The Chad test is the The Stocking Stuffers.

MANSCAPED Stocking Stuffers

MANSCAPED, the first and leading men’s below-the-waist grooming and hygiene brand, offers a full line of products that have quickly become a staple and daily ritual of more than 1,000,000 consumers in the U.S., plus thousands more in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Their intelligently designed and developed product range includes precision-engineered tools, unique formulations and accessories that ensure a simple and effective male grooming routine. The stocking stuffer Shears 2.0 from MANSCAPED are just that – precision-engineered.

manscaped shears 2.0 Grooming kit

The Shears 2.0 from MANSCAPED are as The Chad put it “serious shit.” Moreover he said, “you could really cut a bitch with the sharpness of these nail clippers.” Admittedly, I was a bit jealous to see such beautiful grooming tools neatly arranged in a bonded leather case with a magnetic flap to secure everything. Our lady grooming packages are not nearly that bougie, nor that sharp, nor as effective. I even put his nail file to use and was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked, it wasn’t just a metal tool with a textured knurling, it truly was a metal file like something straight from a mans toolbox.

The Shears 2.0 is the ultimate gift of grooming for a stocking stuffer priced at under $20. We mentioned the kit includes a delightfully upscale leather case plus: Slant Tipped Tweezers, Rounded Point Scissors, Fingernail Clippers (which were the ones that could “cut a bitch”) and Medium Grit Nail File. Excellent for any man, man-child, boy-chick and the executive man on the go. About the size of a wallet and is perfect for traveling.

MANSCAPED Refined Cologne

I would like to attest that I am a connoisseur of scents; my nose is rather sensitive to just about any scent or smell so I am rather particular about the scent of a man. With that being said, the MANSCAPED REFINED cologne pasts the test for not smelling like a bottle of AXE Body Spray or the 80s/90s Drakkar Noir. Which, still is a grin bearing, reminiscent scent, but not as appealing as it should be as of late.

The minute The Chad used this I could identify the smell of Juniper, light Sandalwood, Vetiver (which is very calming and soothing) and the floral of Jasmine. Such a wonderful scent without turning up or wrinkling your nose at the scent, it’s woodsy without seeming as though he dredged himself in a bath of pine, juniper and other woods. Not surprised when I saw this from the MANSCAPED site to describe the REFINED cologne.

Revel in the sense of refinement and masculinity with this one-of-a-kind, alluring fragrance. A clean and fresh scent designed for the refined gentleman. Opening with a light citrus burst, it dances around with a gentle touch of sambac jasmine before settling into the anchoring notes of vetiver and light woods. Refined is the essence of MANSCAPED™, bottled.

While it is stocking stuffer sized, this elegant bottle is a wonderful gift to the senses, both for gentlemen and the ladies. The REFINED cologne carries all the great features of today’s “soft” man: Cruelty Free, Dye Free, Paraben Free, Vegan, but is truly the man’s man cologne without being brutish and overbearing – perfectly balanced. Again, MANSCAPED proves that this is the ultimate gift of grooming as the bottle is an excellent travel size yet adequate for day-to-day wear with a 1.7ounce bottle and priced handsomely at $49.99.

MANSCAPED Ultimate Gift Giving Sale

But wait…there’s more! SAVE 20% Automatically with FREE Shipping – Go to and automatically receive 20% off all orders at with FREE Shipping. How’s that for the ultimate gift of grooming and gift giving? Order soon though in order to take advantage of their amazing offer and to have your gift arrive in time for Christmas.

This is a sponsored post, however, my opinion is never swayed or impacted but rather an honest telling of how myself or my family feel about any products that would be used in the day-to-day of our home.

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