3 Watches Every Man Needs

One of the most important accessories a man will ever own is his watch. Granted, with the prevalence of phones in today’s society, watches are not necessarily as important as they once were, but that is no reason to shy away from donning the timeless (no pun intended) accessory. Here are three watches every man should have in his wardrobe.

1. A Timepiece for Formal Events 

When going formal, remember this: men’s watches should not call attention to themselves and are best served as accents. Find a watch that has a little bit of flair to it, but nothing flashy — elegant does the trick. If the band is leather, it should match your belt, and the belt should match your leather shoes. If you decide on a leather band, you may actually need more than one nice watch or band for your various outfits. However, don’t forget that you can break all fashion rules as long as you do it intentionally. 

2. Something Sporty or Casual 

This is where you can go with a loud watch if you want, but keep utility in mind. Your watch for casual or athletic events should have different tools, such as a timer or stopwatch, GPS to track mileage or a calorie tracker to make sure you’re staying within your daily needs. Find a watch that fits your activities, such as running or biking. Prioritize function over fashion for this watch, but make sure you think it looks good and matches your personality. 

3. A Multipurpose Watch 

Lastly, you need a watch that can do it all, and this won’t be as hard to find as you think. Make sure it wouldn’t look out of place at a nice dinner or at your friend’s barbecue. Your best bet for your all-purpose watch is to find something with a few utilities and a simple design. A good canvas band may sound inherently casual but can look really dapper if the styling is done right. Many bands can be swapped out easily as well, so you may be able to find one watch face that can serve your various purposes with the right collection of bands. 

A good watch says a lot about you, and if you’ve got a watch you love, you will probably pull your phone out less often. Whether you’re off to a gala, going on a hike or playing mini golf with friends, make sure you are wearing the right watch as the crowning detail of your outfit.

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