What To Look For In A Laser Hair Removal Spa

Deciding where to get personal spa treatments, such as laser hair removal, is no mean feat. A safe spa experience demands a thorough search for a facility dedicated to safety, cleanliness, attentiveness, and expertise. If you’re ready to try laser hair removal, but unsure where to get these treatments done, there are a few things to be on the lookout for when deciding where to take the plunge. 

Safety & Health Concerns

Above all, you want to search for a laser hair removal spa location that is dedicated to the health and safety of its patrons. At a baseline, the laser used for the removal process must be FDA-Approved. The lasers used in hair removal use beams of light to weaken hair follicles and care must be taken by using the proper type of laser not to damage the surrounding skin tissue.

Furthermore, the spa should provide protective eye gear, regardless of where on your body the laser removal is taking place. Your safety should always be their first priority. The laser bar and spa prices Manhattan should also ask you some questions up front about your medical history; some medications such as certain antibiotics and antidepressants can cause an adverse reaction to the lasers and a person with an active infection should never undergo laser hair removal and a thorough spa will check with you about this before treatment. 

Comfort & Care

You should feel that the laser hair removal spa is putting your comfort and care above all else in its treatment of your skin. Choose a location that is clear about how it cools the skin after the laser treatment. The laser treatments will redden and warm the skin and some method of cooling, such as cryogen (cold gas), should be applied directly after to help with healing.

Furthermore, the location you choose should offer a free consultation complete with a discussion about all your concerns and questions. An attentive location will speak with you about your level of skin sensitivity and talk about your treatment options. The most attentive locations will include in this consultation a test patch on small area of your skin to determine your personal reaction to the lasers. This test patch will guide your treatment to be the best possible for you and minimize any possible discomfort as the technician can determine what level of treatment your skin can handle.

Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to find a laser hair removal spa that will take care of you with the utmost care and concern for your health and safety, and be on your way to looking your best in no time. 

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