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Last year I had the blessing to stay home with my kids and keep them occupied over the summer. Charades, swimming and bike rides can only fill so many hours and minutes of a kids day. So this summer we are taking fun up a notch. With my love of food, grilling, cooking and baking, the kids started to catch on. Along with their desire to help, we had a winning combination. So I took advantage of my love of baking, their help, and a new way to bond as a family. I also had a great guide that was driven more for their audience so I could cater to their needs as kids in the kitchen.

My guide was the book “Baking with Kids” where you can safely show kids how to use kitchen equipment easily and safely. The latter being the most important with any child. In addition to safety and fun is the education part where all the ingredients are explained that make up these delicious dishes. Anything from pizza, bread and pretzels to cakes, cookies and pies.

chocolate cake, baking with kids cake, flourless cake, chocolate cakeCelebrated chef and instructor, Leah Brooks creates activities with simple step-by-step photo illustrations that will guide kids through each recipe and inspire creativity throughout. Inside you’ll find easy how-tos for goodies such as:
  • Blackberry Scones
  • Easy Overnight French Baguettes
  • Mini Strawberry Hand Pies
  • Cheddar Squares
We have been playing around with cupcakes in our home since my daughter is a HUGE fan of Cupcake Wars. She is constantly coming up with fun, inventive, and delicious ideas for her cupcakes. So we have made a few and we have explained how the ingredients work and I have shown them how to operate the oven, the mixer, gather the ingredients; the whole event is a lot of fun in the kitchen.
The beauty of teaching children to cook and or bake is so that they understand the value and importance of food. As a mom who is conscientious about the foods we purchase and eat, I want my kids to enjoy and love food as much as I do. Additionally I want them to be prepared in adulthood to have the tools and knowledge to make their own meals and or prepare fun goodies like cupcakes.
Do you let your kids help in the kitchen? Are your kids interested in cooking or baking? Are you looking to engage your kids in baking and cooking but weren’t sure what to get them started with? Try “Baking with Kids” which is available on Kindle and
* I received a complimentary copy of Baking with Kids to share with my audience. My opinion of cooking, baking and or doing so with my kids was never influenced…however the book helped to occupy their time.

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  1. I’ve been slowly trying to incorporate cooking and baking into my kids’ ‘curriculum’. I can’t tell you how grueling a process it is from a mom that only learned to cook when she reached adulthood. The messes the kids make (which I never did as an adult) and the whining that one of them does when I won’t let her go crazy and do whatever she wants makes me want to call the whole thing off and do it myself. But I force myself to continue the challenge and I just have to keep telling myself that it’s for their benefit. Maybe I should try having wine while they whine?

    1. Birds of a feather! I took a few cooking classes in junior high that the lessons stuck with me, but I never really got into cooking until I was an adult as well. I’m still working on my patience in the kitchen too…I’m teaching them but more of a let me show you and you can do this little thing. My oldest I just gave him the tools and creativity and showing him that all cooks clean the kitchen. So far so good.

  2. I wish my kids had stuck around more to learn about baking and cooking from me. They were doing what kids do, having fun and they didn’t think being in the kitchen with mom was fun…lol. Thank you for sharing!

  3. More people need to try baking with kids it is wonderful and in reality it teaches a child many things including the importance of reading, following directions, the scientific outcome of what happens when everything is mixed together and then of course the wonderful taste of the finished product and the feelings a child develops when they realize they made it. I love baking with my grandchildren,

  4. I love baking and cooking with my grandchildren. We have so much fun. They have learned how to cook with the thought that everything does not always come out perfectly, but they think of it as a FUN thing to do.

  5. I have always baked and cooked with my children and can not wait to cook with my grandson . I would like to get this book kids learn somuch from cooking

  6. Baking with kids can be anxiety provoking… but extremely rewarding. The looks on their faces for accomplishing something- and something they can enjoy- is always priceless!

  7. My kids always loved to help me bake and when they weren’t helping me, they were always ready to lick the spoon.

  8. My kids were never really interested until they got older. Especially my son. He’s always calling me about how to make one thing or another.

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