PB Crave Giveaway & Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

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Can I be totally honest? A life without peanut butter is a life not worth living. Not really, but I have always loved peanut butter, fresh, raw, with a large spoon, right into the jar of goodness. So my friend Joie introduced me to the gourmet awesomeness that is PB Crave.

PB Crave offers four delicious flavors that I loved to snack on right out of the jar. Flavors like Cookie Nookie which tastes just like a chocolate chip cookie, Coco Banana, Choco Choco and Razzle Dazzle. These fabulous flavors really kick up any sandwich, smoothie, and or cookie recipe! Continue reading “PB Crave Giveaway & Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe”

52 Weeks to Toxin Free DIY Facial Toner

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Our skin is the most vulnerable and the most absorbent to toxins. We take for granted that our skin is porous and acts as a sponge to all environmental factors. Consider your daily beauty routine: lotions, toothpastes, moisturizers, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, toners, foundation, the list can go on with toxic products. An area I have had major concern with regard to toxins is my skin; I have extremely sensitive skin and when your skin acts like a sponge is absorbs everything. My skin and body exhibited the greatest difference when I began to incorporate my DIY toxin free products in my daily beauty and personal care regimen. So for fresh, luminous, toxin free skin I researched some alternatives to my beauty routine and found an amazing DIY facial toner. Continue reading “52 Weeks to Toxin Free DIY Facial Toner”

Chapul Cricket Bars and Flour

Expanding on sustainable food sources has been the greatest advancement and leap for food producers and brands over the last 10 years. As the worlds population continues to grow as well as urban development, food makers are looking for ways to capitalize on the same nutritional levels we need to survive with a minimal impact on land and resources. What consumers did not expect is one of the resources could be the most pesky, yet delicious. Chapul capitalized on the idea for sustainable food sources through their international adventures; the delicacy of sauteed crickets around the world resulted in the next big food revolution. Thus Chapul Cricket Bars and Flour were born. Continue reading “Chapul Cricket Bars and Flour”

52 Weeks to Toxin Free DIY Homemade Lotion Bars

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For the past eight years I have been making homemade soap for our family that is free of conventional chemicals, dyes and perfumes. I had not yet learned to make DIY homemade lotion so I opted to start learning to make soap first. Living in the arid Arizona climate can be brutal to your skin; hard water, 350 some odd days of sunshine creating the beautiful dry climate can also make your skin dry. Showering should not make the situation any worse, yet I have found that commercial soaps and lotions often leave my skin feeling less than hydrated. So this year while tackling fears, I decided to find a way to make DIY homemade lotion for my family and the recipe I found required some adjustments for our sensitive and dry skin. Continue reading “52 Weeks to Toxin Free DIY Homemade Lotion Bars”

Cheeseball Recipe

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Holidays and entertaining are always a stressful time. Keeping visitors and guests at bay for the chef, or cook, of the house is the goal until the meal is ready to be served. Feeding them plenty of hors d’oeuvres and snacks helps divert traffic from your kitchen and allows for wonderful entertaining and mingling. One of my cheesiest and favorite snack items for Thanksgiving and Christmas is a proper cheeseball. Continue reading “Cheeseball Recipe”

Easy Guacamole Recipe

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The other day while perusing Facebook a friend of mine had shared a great video for an awesome recipe for guacamole. An easy and awesome recipe for guacamole, literally five ingredients or less. I could not resist having this recipe, making said recipe and sharing with my family. Then exploiting the awesomeness with each of you. I digress. This recipe was like no other and looked exceptionally tasty and did not require roasting hot peppers and hours or dicing and mashing. Continue reading “Easy Guacamole Recipe”

Boston Creme Pie Cupcake Recipe & Giveaway

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BACON! Meat candy and secret addition to any awesome dessert, adding a bit extra salt and a smokey flavor that is sure to be pure decadence. Put your meat candy to work with bacon grease instead of shortening. You can spice up the flavor an extra notch with bacon grease. I have done three dessert treats with bacon grease and they were to die for. Here is my gluten free, Boston Cream Pie cupcake recipe that is sure to be a hit!

boston cream pie, cupcakesLight Yellow Cake:
3/4 c. cooled, solid bacon grease
2T. butter (for a less rich cake, increase the butter and decrease the bacon grease)
1 7/8 c. sugar
2 large eggs
2 3/4 c. flour (I love my Pamela’s gluten free)
2 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 1/4 c. milk
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla

  • Beat eggs and sugar until blended, add in butter and bacon grease and beat until fluffy. Sift together baking powder and flour. Slowly fold in flour mixture while alternating adding milk and vanilla. Beat until well blended.
  • Pour into lined cupcake tins and bake for 18-25 mins at 350 degrees.

Cream filling:
2 c. milk
5 T. cornstarch
1/2 c. sugar
1 tsp vanilla, 1/4 tsp. fresh vanilla bean

  • Place cornstarch in sauce pan, add sugar and slowly fold in milk while stirring with whisk. Cook over medium heat, slowly add in vanilla and continue cooking until mixture is very thick. Remove from heat and allow to cool entirely.
  • Once mixture is completely cooled, place into frosting bag with narrow coupler.

Chocolate Ganache frosting:
1 package chocolate chips
1 c heavy cream
1 tsp brandy

  • In medium sauce pan heat chips and brandy slowly adding cream, stirring constantly until mixture is smooth and glossy. Remove from heat, allow to cool before frosting cake.
  1. Once your cupcakes, frosting, and pudding are cool you can begin the layers of goodness. Using your frosting bag and narrow coupler, insert the coupler into the middle of the cupcake and fill until you see the pudding rising out of the top of where the coupler is inserted. Or with the Mrs Fields pan, you can easily add the pudding without the hassle of the frosting bag.
  2. Do this for each cupcake until all pudding is used and or all cupcakes are filled to desired fullness.
  3. Place cupcakes on cooling rack and place foil underneath cooling rack. Begin to slowly drizzle frosting over the tops of cupcakes ensuring that frosting is not too hot or too cold. Each cupcake will be glossy. Allow the layer of frosting to cool before adding more. If the frosting in pan becomes hard, reheat on medium heat until desired consistency and start process of frosting again. Do this until all cupcakes are covered and frosting is completely used.
  4. Set cupcakes aside in fridge to allow frosting to harden overnight.
  5. Serve with milk and enjoy.

So Summer is here and we as moms need to figure out what to do with the kids. With Summers comes BBQs, potlucks, and other great events and many times we need to bring a dessert. Let the Love Cooking Company help with their Mrs. Fields Bake N Stuff Cupcake Pan. This pan lets you create one of a kind cupcakes that will be remembered for years to come.

Cupcakes are the perfect single serve sizes. Create a masterpiece cupcake with candy inside! The unique two-part Mrs. Fields’ Bake N Stuff Cupcake Pan allows you to make hollow cupcakes that you can fill with your favorite small candies! Simply pour in the batter, lock down the lid and bake. When they’re done, you’ll have the tops and bottoms for six 3-inch cupcakes. Then just fill and decorate, and get ready for some fun!

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Baking with Kids

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Last year I had the blessing to stay home with my kids and keep them occupied over the summer. Charades, swimming and bike rides can only fill so many hours and minutes of a kids day. So this summer we are taking fun up a notch. With my love of food, grilling, cooking and baking, the kids started to catch on. Along with their desire to help, we had a winning combination. So I took advantage of my love of baking, their help, and a new way to bond as a family. I also had a great guide that was driven more for their audience so I could cater to their needs as kids in the kitchen. Continue reading “Baking with Kids”

#EatInChallenge Crock Pot Roast Beef Dinner Recipe & Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

TheFiveFish.com, roast beef recipe

January is the month of new challenges, goals, adventures and reboots with our lives. The Five Fish is happy to announce the launch of Networking Perks and their blogger program. With that being said, we are promoting their launch by sharing a great dinner recipe as part of the #EatInChallenge to encourage healthier meals, family time and money savings. Below are the details of the giveaway as well as a wonderful crock pot roast beef dinner recipe to share in your home.

Networking Perks is challenging more families to eat at home with the Eat At Home Challenge. Sitting down and eating together as a family is important; we take this time to disconnect from all the daily noise, technology, and social media, while reconnecting as a family. Meal time is also important that we provide delicious and nutritious meals to eat. Finding the balance between work, day-to-day activities, and meal planning isn’t easy, which is why we at Networking Perks want to start 2015 with the Eat At Home Challenge.

Enter to WIN a $25 Amazon Gift Card while at the same time building your recipe archive with delicious meals. Make 2015 the year of the family. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winter is in full swing and temps are only dropping further into January. We reach for comfort foodsroast beef, thefivefish.com, #eatinchallenge that are warm, soothing and in some cases are not the best for us health wise. Cold weather does not have to be the bane of our waistlines, this dinner recipe is sure to be a hit and guarantee leftovers for days. Think warm sandwiches.

Roast beef is one of my favorite dishes as it is so tasty and versatile for a variety of meal options. Beef is also easy to prepare and packed with protein and low in fat if chosen under the proper cut. I made this roast in the crock pot and it was divine! Your ingredients are even easier.

  • Top Sirloin Roast (preferred cut with fat still in tact if possible) otherwise a Chuck Roast will do
  • 1 can of diced tomatoes
  • 1 onion, finely chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic, diced
  • 3 TBSP gravy mix
  • 3 celery stalks, chopped
  • 3 rainbow carrots, chopped
  • 5 red potatoes, quartered
  • 1 TBSP olive oil
  • No salt seasoning
  • Salt and pepper

TheFiveFish.com, roast beef recipePreparation of the meat is what really makes this dish. Pat dry the roast and then season with salt and pepper and let sit for about 30 minutes to reach room temperature. This allows the blood to settle into the meat and keeps the roast extra juicy.

If your roast still has the fat attached, score it. Criss-cross score the fatty side to ensure that the fat is browned and can maintain the tenderness and taste of the meat.

Heat a pan on medium heat with oil and brown each side, focusing on the fatty side. Once the meat is browned place into your crock pot. Sprinkle the gravy mixture over the meat. Pour the entire contents of the tomatoes can into the crock pot over the meat. Add in the vegetables minus the potatoes, cover and allow to cook for 3-4 hours on high heat, reduce heat the last two hours and add potatoes.

Serve with bread and butter for that true comfort food feeling. Leftovers for days, make a wonderful roast beef sandwich, get creative!

We served our roast beef accompanied with mashed cauliflower and sided with fresh baby spinach. Enjoy! Please be sure to enter the giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift card.

Veggie Recipes for Meat Lovers

portbello mushroom, thefivefish.com/category/recipes, thefivefish.comAre you looking to incorporate more veggies into your diet with a new year? Here is a great starter recipe for you meat lovers that are on the fence about changing up your diet with more veggies. Vegetables do not have to be boring, tasteless, and dirt like. My husband had this same vision of vegetables, he was an anti-veg type of guy due to the horrific experience he had as a child. Sharing the terror of how his mother would cook vegetables to the point where they could be transformed to baby puree. Gross. Lifeless. Tasteless. Uninspiring. Damaging.

Overcooking vegetables results in the overall loss of nutrition content and pointless to eat other than pure aesthetics to your plate.

New Years goals and resolutions are a great way to get started taking control of your health and diet. Our waistlines are controlled by 80% of what we put into them and 20% what we do to them (proper sleep, exercise, stress, etc). My family was the family that had basic vegetables in the house: green beans, broccoli, carrots, corn. Super exciting. One day I made the radical decision to cut the crap. In that same breath of a decision I also decided to join a CSA which is a food coop with local farmers. By joining the CSA we began to transform the way we ate and how we ate food. Eating seasonal foods, foods that we had never tried before, vegetables that looked and sounded less than tempting to eat.

As we began to transform the way we ate, we wanted to know if we could still accomplish a “meat” type vegetable. A former employee of mine was a vegetarian and reformed meat eater. His diet helped to evolve my own foods and my family. One of our favorite dishes contains no meat products at all and is the most easy and flavorful meals I enjoy making.

Portabello Burger

portabello mushroom, Thefivefish.com/recipesOne of the most delectable fungi I have had the pleasure to cook with. Meaty and universal to pretty much anything you want to cook. Mild in flavor and truly a hearty addition to any dish. Portabello mushrooms can be purchased pre-packaged (which are more expensive) or you can purchase them loose and by the pound which run about $3.99 per pound.

I have grilled, sauteed, and eaten these babies raw, they are magnificent. Not as much as they are when made into a burger. Here is how you can have an all veggie burger without sacrificing taste or texture (serves 2):

1 zucchini, sliced length wise into 1/4 inch sticks
1 Portabello Mushroom, sliced length wise into thin slices, not too thin
1/4 red onion sliced
1 red bell pepper (you can add any other bell pepper but the red tastes best)
1 TBSP coconut oil
1/4 avocado, sliced
Salt and pepper to taste
Favorite bread item – This dish is EXCELLENT on ciabatta, we have had on Dave’s Killer Organic and English muffins. Also amazing on a salad.

portabello burger, thefivefish.com/recipesWarm the pan over a medium heat and allow coconut oil to melt, toss in the onions and mushrooms first as they will soak up most of your oil. Cook for 2 minutes before adding in remaining veggies. Toss in pan to equally cook and coat. I like to use a lid to hold in the moisture and create a great browning and crunch to the zucchini. Be careful not to overcook, this is a saute type dish, cook the mushrooms and onions enough to be soft without being mushy.

While the vegetable medley is still warm serve atop your bread of choice with sliced avocado and cheese if you so desire. Provolone is excellent as is Swiss or a smoked gouda.

If you are feeling exceptionally edgy with your vegetables add in some thinly sliced eggplant for a truly mind blowing meaty flavor and taste to your vegetable medley burger. Eggplant is a savory, delicate veggie with a robust amount of meat.

Embrace your inner vegetarian. Even though you are a meat lover does not mean you cannot have a love affair with veggies. Vegetables do not have to be dull, lifeless and boring. Moreover veggies are not all about salads. You can create amazing smoothies, sides and full meals with the right veggies. Find some great meal ideas in our recipe section and spice up your meal ideas this year.