Basic Budgeting and Finance

Understanding your money finances, basic budgeting, and how net income works.
VLOG Style Baby!
This is for you all who have lots of questions about money savers, I couldn’t fit everything in…..but I tried. 😉

Thursday Tips and Tricks from Karie Herring on Vimeo.
Also…..give me your questions!!
Auto Loans
What banks look at credit wise?
What affects your credit negative / positive?Gimme some questions, I love to help out with that.

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  1. I have a question for you, Karie. You say don't use a credit card, however, we pay our card off every month and our card is linked to a 529 education fund. That's why we use it. Good, yes? Or no?

    Also investments… my father-in-law loves tinkering with stocks and has made this really cool program charting the ups and downs of various stocks. We're trying it out. But generally speaking – do you have any definite dos and don'ts of how to handle investments?

    Oh! And you continue to crack me up. I love your little gnomes. They're so cute!!!

  2. Great tips…Im happy to say that I am already doing most of them! Yay me! Ya live and learn and then ya do better!

    Any tips for how to deal with PTO bitches, I mean moms? LOL

  3. I've always done good and have great credit. I did most recently though do something I shouldn't have…we financed two quads, and then a year later we traded them in, a 4X4 quad for the hubby and a polaris ranger for me so I could actually go out and ride since we have lots of kids. In the end, we financed the two quads and trailer that we returned along with the two new ones and a bigger trailer. Very stupid mistake.

  4. You're right about the fast food, but it takes some adjusting to get used to not having it. That pizza tastes so good!!!

    The want vs need works perfectly. Staying home saves me so much money too!

    You need to budget for a trip to a children's museum so your kids can push all the buttons they want!

  5. SO helpful. I'm still getting used to managing my finances (which is lame…I'm old enough, I should know better, lol) so this is really helpful. I know that most of my money goes to food…it's a passion. We're trying to do menus for the week and only buy what we need to make the dishes, so that helps a lot. I'm also just me, so I really have NO excuse for being so lax with my spending. I just need a kick in the butt.

    I'm also still jobless (boo), but I'm still paying all my loans from school and stuff like that. I know that helps a credit score, but are there any other things I can do to give my credit an extra boost? I would LOVE to get my score out of the crapper and back to where it was a year ago.

    Thanks so much for all the helpful info!

  6. I loved the car tips and shared them with my oldest daughter. No one ever really touches on how maintaining a vehicle can actually save you money.

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