Bright Future International Empowering Young Women

My philanthropic heart is pulled in many directions for my many loves; cancer, family, alcoholism treatment and counseling, animals, children, and of course women. I am about supporting domestically and abroad especially when the support and interaction with an organization will have a global effect. Bright Future International does just this, impact on a global scale to instill vital human qualities. A not for profit that promotes humanity and supports children? Sign me up.

The vital human qualities: compassion, a feeling of self worth, humility, a desire to help others and social skills. These are the qualities that are not taught in conventional schools and are deficient in many societies. BFI finances a number of projects geared towards children’s after school education, bringing a solution for developing high moral and spiritual qualities in children. This is accomplished through selection of teachers and coordinators that possess such qualities themselves. (BFI, 2012)

The initiatives are tremendous and the Kenya enterprise resonated with me because of the young women they are empowering and helping to rebuild their lives. All I could think of with this initiative is the John Mayer song “Daughters,” where he mentions that daughters become mothers, so the tools they have in life will be passed on to their children. I am all about the support of stopping the cycle of abuse and empowering women and showing them the strongest gift of true, unconditional love, and self-esteem to share with their daughters and children. These virtues cannot be given in their current situation and Bright Future International gives them a support network and removes the cycle from their life.

I found all of this wonderful information just from Bright Future International’s Facebook page! You can read more and find more on their website, but visit Facebook to read about their three largest programs they are currently involved in and how just by clicking “Like” on their Facebook page BFI will donate $1 for each new like. That is the easiest donation to a not for profit EVER! What are some non-profits you support and why? Which are near and dear to your heart?

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central and Bright Future International. A small donation to Bright Future International was made in my name from Mom Central as a thank-you for participating.”

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