Dental Darlings

My boys are enjoying the wonderful times of teeth. Ah, yes….riveting….not so much. Seth boy has been teething for oh say…..the last 5 months and just the other day…..a breakthrough.

I mean it….a real breakthrough….right through those tough gums I can feel his bottom, front left tooth! HOORAY!!! So he and I have been enjoying long nights and early mornings together rocking, gelling up his mouth with Orajel, and medicating…..he gets Motrin….I get Motrin for the headaches and coffee for lack of total and utter sleep.

My oldest boy Grant….well last night the tooth fairy came to see him! He finally, after a MONTH!!! lost his two front, bottom teeth! At the same time, same day! He was so excited that he finally lost them. I was just glad to get the damn things out of there since his adult teeth are half-way in and every time he talked he slobbered like my Bulldog and spoke with the worst lisp. So now we have the joy of visiting the dentist more often…..which reminds me….have to add that to my list of things to do today! Ugh….the never ending list!

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