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Tis the season for regret. We know all too well that come January we will all be griping, complaining, belly-aching and carrying on about holiday weight. Not to mention overall health and wellness. As if we didn’t learn the January prior to that or the New Year’s resolution prior to that.

For the past five years I have taken control of my health WAY before the holidays and even the New Year. I tell you, its a daily affirmation to live this way and not give in. Health, fitness, proper diet, these are all a lifestyle. By lifestyle I mean truly a way of living. Craving the life. Feeling cranky if you can’t live this life. But taking everything in stride and knowing, hey, there is tomorrow to reboot and actually acting on those desires; not putting tomorrow off for days, weeks, months and sometimes years. You see I kicked so many bad habits and incorporated some of the smallest ones to make the largest impact. The smallest habit was a daily multi-vitamin. Easy breezy, but what a difference when I don’t take my vitamins.

Let’s say though that you have ridden that “lifestyle” train before and found it didn’t work for you. Nod your head.

Maybe you bought some vitamins with the guarantee they would make an impact, but the only impact you felt was to your wallet. Nod your head.

bulu box, bulu box logoWell you can put an end to that uninspiring and unhelpful way of living with Bulu Box.

What is Bulu Box you ask? I’m glad you asked! Bulu Box is the best thing since sliced bread to discovering your health, nutrition and weight loss products. Even more so are the added bonuses for money saving coupons and subscriber only offers hidden inside each box. All you do is subscribe for $10 per month and you receive a great Bulu Box like mine, chock full of great full size samples, a few trial sizes, and money saving coupons for products. The beauty of the Bulu Box is just the small monthly subscription fee and you are provided great products to try out before you go and invest all your hard earned money on something that might not be right for you. Or worse yet, you buy a product and


Bulu Box is more than a monthly subscription. They are a retailer that offers you the most premium health, wellness, fitness and nutrition items on the market. No gimmicks. Just honest reviews and feedback from consumers like you and I on products that work. Products that stand by their name. Products that are worth the investment after your initial testing.

bulu box goodiesI love my Bulu Box for the items I would have never thought to try before. I had seen them and thought, “Well I would like to try that but I don’t want to invest X amount of dollars and find it doesn’t work for me.” Bulu Box allows me to find what works for me and not invest a fortune.

Bulu Box is a great and affordable gift idea for that person who is health minded and conscious of what they are looking to put in their body or for the person who might be on the fence about jump starting their health, wellness and fitness goals. What better way to help them get a good start to the new year than with a subscription to Bulu Box. You can choose from the many different payment plans in one month, three, six or a full year subscription where each box holds something new. Additionally you can earn points to use towards full size purchases and other goodies. Who wouldn’t love those perks?bulu box, bulufish code

So I mentioned to you the money saving coupons. In my Bulu Box I received a $100 off coupon of $160 or more purchase of wine. Wait…what!? So I spend $160, get $100 off and basically I just order a stink load of wine for that little? We go through a lot of wine in our house so this was HUGE! My Bulu Box also had a great vegan protein shake, organic snack bar, and a guide for how the items in my Bulu Box combined with other items would be a recipe for success. I like those kinds of suggestions. Plus, I can try them out to see how they work for me and if they do, then I am sure to purchase the full size samples and continue making those same purchases to come. You see….healthy habit.

Here’s the best part as loyal Five Fish readers, you can receive a three-month subscription to Bulu Box for the low price of just one month! That’s right! Use BULUFISH as your code to receive a three month Bulu Box subscription for just $10. Talk about huge savings for the New Years resolution and for a fabulous holiday gift. Don’t wait another day. Grab that inner procrastinator by the horns and start improving your health today.

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