The Family Road Trip Sweepstakes

Summer is here, and so are the groans of boredom, heat, and nothing to do at all. As parents we look to beat the heat, boredom, and provide a family friendly form of entertainment and education with our kids so we often have done what our parents have done. Road trip! The open road has been the ultimate adventure for children and adults of all ages. But let’s face it with the rising cost of fuel who can afford to take a road trip. Well now you can with Purolator and the BreatheEasy Family Road Trip Sweepstakes.

Purolator is the maker of the Breathe Easy cabin filter. So you too can breathe easy on a road trip where all the fixings are supplied for a fun filled family road trip anywhere you want to go!

Enter this sweepstakes and FIVE (5) winners will have the opportunity ti win $200 gas card, $25 gift card for snacks and $75 worth of books and toys from Scholastic! You have to hurry! Time is limited as the sweepstakes ends June 30th!

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