Gifts for Kids: Belles Bowtique, tutus, bowsBlessed be are little girls. Any mother who says “I am happy with all boys” have not experienced the joy, rapture, love, and excitement that is all girl. I used to be an all boy fan, only because hey….no temper tantrums, fits, boyfriends, bows, dress-up, make-up. Do you know how boring life would be without all the aforementioned?

My Little Bitty is just awesome, not only because she is my daughter but she is a truly magical creature and very much a girlie girl. She loves everything pink (I promise! She wears my pink peep toe Dior pumps), bows, hats, and of course, her new tutu.

What is a little girl’s wardrobe without a tutu?!


karie herring,

For Christmas why not give your little girl, daughter, grand-daughter or niece the gift of her very own tutu. I was so pleased when we were granted the special opportunity to receive our very own handmade tutu from Belles Bowtique. A stunning, hand crafted “hot pink” (fuschia) and pale pink tutu for my little girl to prance around, spin, dance, and to feel just like a princess. Sara even received a baby soft crocheted beanie with a “Daddy’s Little Girl” bow.

She loves her hat….if only she could wear it long enough for me to take a picture. I was lucky enough to catch her with the tutu and take a golden photo of her posing. Every princess needs a tutu and what fun she and I had playing around with her tutu. Her beanie comes in handy too because the weather has been chilly lately in Arizona and with what little baby fine hair she has the hat keeps her sweet little head warm.

But Belle’s Bowtique has goodies like tutus, beanies, girl’s clothing, personalized tooth fairy pillows, jewelry for girls and moms! So for a one stop shop for your little princess (and even the queen) spend some love at Belle’s Bowtique.

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  1. And this is why I wanted a girl. While little man is really cute – he is not a girl.

    No – we are not going to try again – 3 boys are enough 😉

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