Fun With Rainbow Brite

Moms and grandma’s you remember Rainbow Brite? The ponytail blond in the rainbow sweater dress who could rescue anyone, anywhere with her horses Starlite, Shimmer and Sunriser and her friends Moonglow and Tickled Pink?

Rainbow BriteI personally used to LOVE Rainbow Brite. I so wanted that cool star on my cheek just like her. I had the blond hair and cool leg-warmers just like her so I knew if I pretended hard enough…..okay, so I was like eight and totally loved Rainbow Brite. Moving on.

Well the childhood favorite has returned! Are you seeing a theme? The return of Cabbage Patch kids, Transformers are HOT again, did you hear they are even making a Thundercats movie? Did I totally cross the 80s dork threshold yet?

Seriously Rainbow Brite is back as the favorite doll is being relaunched in stores for girls to enjoy yet once again. The plush doll will be available at Target stores and Toys R’ US this month! In tandem with the release of the doll and FOUR (4) new animated mini episodes of Rainbow Brite I received a 10 (ten) pack of activity CD’s with all sorts of fun games, puzzles, the catchy Rainbow Brite theme and more for your child to enjoy. Hallmark is the proud presented of the Rainbow Brite site and they offer lots of fun online interaction with your favorite character.

Since I kept a CD for myself and I donated one to be raffled for free to a lucky mom in my twin mom’s group I now have EIGHT (8) CD’s to giveaway here on my blog. Here is how you and your child can WIN and enjoy Rainbow Brite fun at home:

Fess up, tell me you used to LOVE Rainbow Brite or one of her friends or entourage and who!

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31 Replies to “Fun With Rainbow Brite”

  1. My favorite was Patty O’Green, I had the smaller doll and just loved her!

  2. My favorite is starlite! Thanks for bringing back so many memories. My mom still holds on to a couple things I had of the collection (nothing in great condition tho) Would love to pass along the CD to my daughter!!

  3. Rainbow Brite was a big deal and who doesn’t love her.I’d like to win this for little Kaylie.

  4. Ok, ok, I admit it! Total fan here! Tickled pink has great hair, what can I say!?! My sister & I used to fight about who was which character…lol!

  5. I would love to win this for my girls I was such a big fan of moonglow I would love them to be able to enjoy Rainbow Brite as I did growing up

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