Pardon my Mess

The site crashed….well really it was down for most of Saturday while I made a BIG move. I also did this ALL BY MYSELF. With the love and encouragement and support of my friends I finally did it. I made the big leap to WordPress and can I tell you I am in heaven. Despite the frustrations of a small hosting issue that was resolved, I am in heaven. Bear with me while I tweak the blog more regarding the layout and I still post during the mess. But hey, that’s how I roll. Consider this like remodeling and living through it. Thank you everyone to for all the support, encouragement, and patience during this time.

9 Replies to “Pardon my Mess”

    1. Oh Jamaise you will love it! LOVE IT!! I was scared too but you know what, I did it all by myself and am so stoked I did. I found that nothing easy in life is worth value so this is MY BABY now. LOL ((HUGS))

    1. Awe Mary you rock! I actually love the buttons you made but I can’t replace the link in Picasa or it smokes everyone’s button. Sigh….I might be able to work around it though. Muwah!

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