Night Owl Spawn

My kids are absolutely great. I mean they have their moments where I seriously think I will lose my mind…which is at about 4pm everyday as they morph during the witching hour. From the day the twins were born I hammered into their little ways of life a thing called “a schedule.”

They would sleep at the same time, eat at the same time, breath, bathe, everything at the sameUnhappy Twins time. Each night, every night since they were the ripe age of roughly six months my little demons loves have gone to bed before 7:30pm each night. I really cannot bitch and complain about their sleep schedule because their sleep has rocked. Even Grant has had a great sleep schedule. Since starting school he starts heading to bed at 7:30pm each night as well to allow for a bit of goober time, a story, and last minute bathroom breaks.

When 8pm rolls around the only sound in the house is the typing on my keyboard and the rumble of the bulldog snoring into the nicest dog bed around, also known as our leather sectional. Yeah, that’s a WHOLE other blog post.

Tonight however, my kids decided that they would be cracked out little demons who refused to go to sleep. Not falling asleep at 7:30pm or 8:30pm or 9:30pm for that matter. Oh no, they decided to finally pass out around the ripe time of 10:30pm.

I mean what the hell? Anyone else experiencing or have you experienced a night where your kids just say “To hell with the schedule…PARTY ON WAYNE!!”

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  1. My girls don’t like sleeping. They never have. Not even naps. See, there’s a reason I lost my sanity a while ago. I’m lucky if we can get them to bed by 10:00. Maybe I should lace their granola bars with benadryl. Siiiigh.

  2. Yes, my kids have done that, too. Aren’t they 2? Yep, that’s when they start to realize that they don’t have to do what mommy and daddy tell them to do (or at least they think it). I hope they sleep good tonight for you.

  3. I’m with you, they have always been good sleepers and bedtime is 8pm at our house. But every once in awhile – they think it’s on like donky kong and try to party. Drives me NUTSO!

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