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As my children have aged up out of certain gifting criteria we have found they are about functional gifts. Not to mention we have had a multiplication of devices which all require some form of USB to charge said devices. Finding enough outlets, cords, and the like can be a headache. This year, we found the perfect stocking stuffers with the gift of power from AMONER.

AMONER is headquartered right here in the sunshine state of Florida. They specialize in being on the cutting edge of power and functionality for today’s device driven world. From beautiful braided USB cords to hands-free phone holders to wireless charging docks and multi-port USB charging blocks, AMONER has the latest in power technology to keep you and your devices powered up.

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With that, my kids are all teenagers now and thus, many devices. Kindles, DOTS, phones, and more all need a USB cord and or block to charge. While many of our devices come with a block, we simply lack enough outlets within arms reach. So we love the 3-port charger to manage all their devices. Since The Chad is a tech guru and all thing IT, he was impressed with the travel availability, as the size is not much larger than a standard charging block and that he didn’t need a watt specific block as with most devices. The Intelligent IC Identification Designed which automatically detects and provides the optimal current output connected to your device, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the whole family.

Now if you are looking for a watt specific charging block, AMONER offers a sleek two pack, two port USB block that is perfect for just about any device, but we like this one for our phones and tablets. What’s the difference with power from AMONER? We really didn’t know either until we plugged in our phones and saw how quickly they were charged without overheating or struggling to deliver efficient power to all the devices. As with other charging blocks, power from AMONER is not taxed like other blocks when multiple devices require a simultaneous charge.

If you’re a frequent traveler like my husband, this is great to toss into your laptop bag, or backpack – like my highschooler who can charge his ear buds and his phone while in class. Plus the added safety and security that you are not using some unknown charging station at an airport where hackers have been known to access your devices from “charging stations.” Just find the nearest outlet and you know you have safety on your side.

Whether you are looking for the latest in tech gadgets or functional tech gadgets, AMONER is available on Amazon to purchase any of their products. We chose the gift of power from AMONER, with the charging blocks and USB cords, everyone has the ability to charge their devices anywhere in the house without feeling limited, or in the event they’ve lost a specific power block, power from AMONER has them covered.

*We received the AMONER two port and three port charging blocks to provide honest feedback and information to consumers. Our opinion was not swayed nor influenced. Affiliate links may be contained here within where we receive a small commission from the sale.

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