Top Gifts for Teenage Boys

Gift giving for older children is more about functionality or overall use as opposed to what “Santa” will be delivering. Kids these days are more technologically driven than ever before so staying ahead of the trend but behind the bus in cost is a delicate balance. From the latest iPhone to portable cameras or the latest in Bluetooth headsets to fashion trends, these are some of the top gifts for teenage boys.

My home consists of two teenage boys, both game, both enjoy reading, and one is more on point with the fashion trends while the other is all about comfort while fitting his tech gadgets into pockets. Each of the boys have similar yet very different interests, one is my ultimate sloth while the other very much enjoys devouring historical fiction novels about the Greek gods. We have a nice balance of wanted tech on our wish lists coupled with trendy new fashion items as well as practical items.

Practicality from a mom’s gift giving is generally the run of the mill socks and underwear holiday gift item, but we like to reserve those for our semi-annual school shopping excursions. Pajamas are always a win for practicality, but today’s teens have embraced the pajama look as their new athleisure wear. So here are top gifts for teen boys that are not only practical but some of the fun tech on our boys wish list.

1. Joggers and Skinny Sweat Pants

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What was reserved for weekend couch surfing is now your run of the mill everyday athleisure and sports wear of teen boys. Sweat pants and joggers are all the rage. My football boy lives in these. Year round. In Florida. By God, even if it is 90 degrees outside he will sport some of his favorite joggers. Some of his my coveted pairs are Under Armour’s Tricot jogger, the Adidas Training pant with ankle zips for easy on and off, and finally the Champion French Terry or Jersey Jogger. Priced affordably at around $20, these are the new Christmas Jeans option. Not only are these great for your teen for their new athleisure wear but also for the athlete looking to go from class to the field.

2. Bluetooth Headphones & Earbuds

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On any given morning, afternoon, or location you can find a teen plugged into some listening device with their phone. Driven by being connected to the latest YouTube video, song on Spotify, or – with my kids – jamming to Amazon Music; these kids are wanting the best listening experience possible. From being inline with the trend of Apple AirPods to the fringe of noise canceling headphones to the best in sound with Beats Earbuds by Dr Dre. Some of the best deals can be found online at Amazon or your local box store like Costco or BJ’s where a pair of Sony Bluetooth Headphones are as low as $49.99.

3. Dr Squatch Soap Co.

Gone are the days of AXE body spray and the heinous atrocity that is the overwhelming scent of Drakkar Noir. Yes ladies, our young boys have evolved to a true man child with impeccable taste in shower lather and body fragrance. Praise the Lord! These organic, all natural bars of soap, shampoo, colognes, shave bars and more are made right here in the US and devoid of chemical nonsense.

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Made by a man for men, devoid of harsh perfumes and obnoxious scents, the man bars of soap are sure to leave “mommas little man” smelling and feeling fresh. Buy a soapscription or just purchase single items as needed, Dr. Squatch Soap Co is the perfect fit for stocking stuffers or as that fun, unique gift. I mean, who doesn’t need to take a daily shower, and if it’s a stinky teenage boy, make it at least two!

4. Action Cams

Creating their latest YouTube video or capturing a moment, the Dragon Touch Action camera is the best choice for those on a budget. Less than $100, this action cam is comparable to the coveted GoPro and your teen is sure to love it! Capturing all the magic in 4K and this baby is waterproof, so parents can snag this for the next family vacation or beach weekend.

If they are looking to be completing a lot of 4K video, be sure to let them know of the limited record time and you’ll need a separate Micro SD card for all the cam footage. Choose from stills and time lapse options, this little camera is sure to go anywhere!

5. Fashion Accessories

What better to pair their new joggers, headphones, camera and clean smelling skin with than a fresh pair of slides or paracord bracelets.

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These are the antithesis of athletic wear. See your teen athlete sporting these instead of those bear claw slippers you considered. Stylish, comfortable and under $20 consider Nike’s Just Do It athletic sandals or the Adidas shower slides, your teen is sure to wear these just about year round.

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If you aren’t quite on board with today’s choice of teen slippers, then consider a more subtle option with paracord bracelets. Multi-functional, some of these bracelets have handy accessories or just look stylish. Again, for under $20, your dude can wear his bracelet and not feel too girly, but if your dude is completely in touch with his feminine side, we’ve heard the Lava Rock Stone bracelets are kick ass and you can add your favorite essential oil to smell all day.

Whether your teen is the active athlete or the active video game athlete, these top gifts for teen boys are sure to be a hit. Not only are you staying on budget, but you can flex your prowess to stay on trend for your teen. Shopping for teens can be difficult, but don’t let this year’s holiday season get you down. You’ll be winning this holiday season by snagging one of these top gifts for teenage boys.

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