Good Will Grant

Lots of goings on lately! Sorry for not being able to post here is some of what has gone on:
Chad went out of town last weekend for business so we spent the day with Grandma Sandy. The kids and I had a great time just playing and I got to sneak in a cat nap! OMG!! I have not had a nap in ages so that was nice….even if it was for only 30 minutes. While we were there Grant asked my Mom about her birthday since her birthday falls two days after Grant’s. Here is how that conversation went:

G: Grandma Sandy did you get any presents for your birthday?
My Mom: No Grant, I didn’t get ANY presents for my birthday.
G: YOU DIDN’T? No balloons?
My Mom: No buddy, no balloons.
G: NO party hats?
My Mom: No sweetie, no party hats either.
G: NO Optimus Prime?
My Mom: No Grant, not even an Optimus Prime.

Such a sweet boy….thinking about how much his Grammy would love to have an Optimus Prime. Good Will Grant gets better though. We had the A/C guys here on Tuesday installing the fantabulous new unit (which by the way is a dream and when it runs my house smells like fresh rain…Film at Eleven). So Grant goes over to one of the installers who is working on our ducting. Here is how that conversation goes:
G: What is your name? My name is (spells) G-R-A-N-T, Grant, Grant Thomas Herring.
HVAC Guys: Well Hi, my name is G-E-O-R-G-E, George.
G: Hi George, nice to meet you. Whatcha doing George.
HVAC Guys: (George explains how he is adjusting the ducting, etc.)
G: Well….you are doing a great job George. Thank you George, good job.

I am sure George and Jon appreciated the sentiment from a five year old…especially because they were working at our house for over 10 hours in the heat and in our attic.

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