Boost Your Immunity and get Gut Happy with Bio Gaia

Healthy diets result in overall health. I know, I am queen of the obvious. But our on the go lifestyles often times mean that our meals and or snacks are the on the go as well. Which can result in adverse affects on our stomachs. Add to that our indulgences in rich, spicy, and decadent foods and our stomach is calling for disaster. Now our children on the other hand are an even more delicate situation.

All of my children were breast fed, however, I had to put Grant on formula as he got a little older because my supply could not keep up when I returned to work full time. The formula would often wreak havoc on his poor little tummy as he transitioned. We do what we can to maintain our digestive and stomach health, but our lifestyles are not always conducive for “happy” digestive processing, including babies and children.

Now add Bio Gaia to your daily digestive routine as a supplement. Bio Gaia is a probiotic supplement to help boost your immune system as well as promote a healthy digestive track. Lactobacillus reuteri is one of the world’s most studied probiotic strains. To date more than 60 clinical studies have been done proving its health promoting effects.

Safe enough for the entire family which is a HUGE plus, Bio Gaia offers infant drops, a 30-count pack of straws, and a 30-count pack of chewable tablets. A lot of probiotics are only offered to adults only, whereas the Bio Gaia line is almost universal for the entire family. The drops, shown to significantly reduce symptoms of colic, are ideal for infants and toddlers because they can be added to a liquid like juice or water. The chewable tablets or straws work well for older children and are effective in preventing common tummy upsets and all three forms support overall gut health.

Our family has fairly decent gut health, The Chad suffers a bit due to chronic back pain, which often results in a crabby tummy (to say the least). He has been taking these daily and is amazed at how well he feels in addition to how happy his “tummy” feels as well. Needless to say “the deuce” is a topic of big conversation in our home. My kids love the chewables and the straws and I even have put the drops in the twins milk or juice if they seem a bit “off.”

You can win a package of Bio Gaia to up your topics of conversation in your home as well as promote a happy healthy digestive track and boost your immune system.

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Just tell me a fact about probiotics and which product would be best for your child in your home (drops, straws or the chew-able tablets).

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62 Replies to “Boost Your Immunity and get Gut Happy with Bio Gaia”

  1. The straws look fun and easy!

    A fact – probiotics kept my baby’s tummy happy while she was on z-pack

  2. The probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus reuteri (L. reuteri) are “good” bacteria that help battle the “bad” micro-organisms in the digestive tract, improving the host’s health. The best product for my child in our home would be the BioGaia Probiotic oral rehydration solution (ORS) containing L. reuteri.

  3. Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and bifidobacteria are the most common types of microbes used as probiotics.
    we’d like the drops!

  4. A fact is that since i started taking a probiotic supplement 80% of my tummy troubles disappeared! chewable would be great.

  5. Used regularly, BioGaia’s Probiotic Oral Health products may help restore the natural balance in the mouth that results in healthier gums and teeth.

  6. probiotics are live friendly bacteria that are good for your health.

    Chew-able tablets would be best for my family.

  7. Fact: “L. reuteri is a natural colonizer in humans from the time we are born and is even found in the milk of breastfeeding mothers. It is one of very few species of Lactobacillus that is uniquely adapted to reside in the digestive tract of man and to interact with us in symbiosis.”

    I think the chewable tablets would be best.

  8. I learned that the commercial strains of L. reuteri are derived from different human ecosystems such as mother’s milk and saliva.. The chewable tablets would be best.

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