Heres To You Mrs Robinson

“…Jesus loves you more than you will know.”

The song makes me want to smoke a doob, hang out on bean bag chairs, eat fondue, and just chill. Feelings of an easier time. Memories of a safer more easy going way of life. The Chad and I just sat singing the song together as we snacked on our sushi. Agreeing at our almost telepathic thoughts of how the song was written and sang in a time with less troubles. Albeit we did say that each generation had their own struggles, but that the times were simpler.

The times reflected a sense of family, patriotism, we were a village, one nation under the now controversial “God.”  Laughing at the thought that the two of us are truly the end of a certain generation. A generation of children who would run home when the street lights came on at night. A generation where you barbecued with neighbors, their kids walked to school with you, you actually knew the names of your neighbors and saw them daily.

I find myself saddened that my children will never know the luxury of sitting in the back hatch or window deck of a car on a long road trip. Gazing for miles at seemingly endless road and terrain. My children will never know the meaning of “when the street lights come on” as the signal to get your arse home or that dinner would be on the table. Hiding a house key under the front door mat. Borrowing a cup of sugar. A pen pal.

Have we lost all touch with our community? Have we really stepped away from the “it takes a village” mentality? Or do these things still happen except for in rural areas? Small towns?

Seems like today our world is so much hustle and bustle. A level of disconnect where we no longer connect with people but more of ideals, grandioso ideals at best too. I watched a video this evening of fellow Americans throwing money at a man with Parkinson’s Disease who is for healthcare reform. Have we evolved into a world, community, nation of every man for himself? Am I alone in this feeling? Just seems like the time was not so long ago that we were kids, in a different time. When did the world grow up and tell everyone to eff off and worry about themselves?

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  1. OMG! Look at those two HOT Hudson kids! I love you two more than you’ll ever know. And, by the way, my husband is SMOKING HOT!!!!!!!!!! I love that man! And you too of course!

    1. I love my brother….I could not be happier he married you lover! I wish you guys were closer…miss you and give the boys smooches and squeezes from us!

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