The Phone is Secondary Palm Pre Plus

Palm Pre Plus, Verizon Wireless, Palm, Palm Pre, Karie Herring, mommy blogger, thefivefish.comLet the title speak for itself. The Verizon Wireless Palm Pre Plus is a phone. Hard to believe considering all the capabilities, functions, and amazing wonders this handheld device has to offer.

Talking about the phone with my husband he mentioned how speaking on the phone is truly a secondary operation of the Palm Pre Plus. I have to agree with him. Most of my conversations are done via email, Twitter, Google Talk, text, and Facebook. I can keep up with my family, send quick messages about plans we are making and Google Talk my husband from the car that I need help with the groceries.

Speaking on the phone is difficult. Not the act of speaking itself, but the microphone acts as a megaphone for the person on the other end of the line. One feature that Palm was very superb in creating is a microphone that is very sensitive and responsive. My child can cry from down the hall and when I am on the phone with an automated attendant listening to my options from the prompts, that when my toddler yelps I am directed to some department and line I did NOT choose.

While some phones report complaints of a poor microphone, the Palm Pre Plus is FAR from complaints in poor reception. I bet a spider could fart and the phone could catch it. I kid, I kid. Noise reduction could be an upgrade option for the second generation Palm Pre. However, I firmly believe that verbal conversations are almost null and void on the phone because of the multi-functional, communicative options. An easy to use option exists for a touch screen dial-pad making dialing, phone calls, and connecting simple. But something is truly insatiable about connecting on so many levels through various facets.

As I mentioned I can instant message my husband at any time on Google Talk or text, I can message my sister on text or on Facebook, and I can quickly and swiftly respond to a recent email about my Whrrl posting. With all the options to stay in touch electronically, and considering that many of our schedules are pressed for time, who really has time to talk on the phone anyway?

*I received the phone from Verizon Wireless as part of their campaign to promote the Palm Pre Plus. In no way was my opinion of the phone swayed in exchange for this review. My opinion is honest and mine alone, free of influence.

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