How to Choose the Best Concealment Carry Pants

Most states require you to conceal your firearm in public, both for your own safety and that of others. There are several ways you can easily and comfortably conceal your weapon. For example, you could wear a holster or purchase a few clothing items designed specifically for concealed carrying.

Suppose you’d prefer not to wear a holster, which can be bulky and difficult to conceal, and would rather skip a concealment shirt. In that case, there are a few options to choose from for concealment bottoms. These include concealment leggings, pants, and skirts. Each of these bottoms can be paired with the shirts you wear regularly. 


Concealment pants, often referred to as tactical pants, are made of sturdy material such as canvas or a synthetic blend. Tactical pants usually have extra pockets for valuables or spare magazines. These pants also have larger belt loops to accommodate the width of a gun belt and a looser waistband to provide more comfort when wearing a holster. 


Concealment leggings are an ideal choice for women who may have difficulty finding comfortable concealment pants. Since leggings have an excellent combination of structure and stretch, it can be easier to find a good fit.

Leggings have two holsters built into the waistband that secure your firearm with a velcro strap. When shopping for leggings, be sure to check which side the front holster is on to ensure it fits your dominant hand.


While there are a few ways to properly conceal a holster in a skirt, such as a thigh or inside the waistband holster, a concealment skirt removes the need for a separate holster. A skirt is a good option if your daily wardrobe regularly consists of formal office attire. Casual options are available, too, that you can add to your summer wardrobe.


If you want to conceal carry a weapon but concealment pants or skirts aren’t an option, a good alternative would be to pair your everyday bottoms with concealment underwear. These undergarments have a built-in holster that allows you to keep your firearm concealed while maintaining your desired comfort level. Concealment undergarments work well if you’re going on a run or doing some other exercise that typically requires less-supportive bottoms.

The above concealment options each come with their own pros and cons. However, if you take your time and choose the option that best suits your style and purpose, it can be easy to conceal your weapon safely and comfortably.

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