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The Five Fish, Gift guide, The Five Fish gift guideYoga has been one of my favorite workouts since I discovered it with P90X. If you think that yoga is not a workout, clearly you haven’t attended a class…let alone a bikrim yoga class. I love how yoga keeps me lean, flexible and cool as a cucumber. By that I mean that I am total centered, calm, relaxed and energized. Something about shutting your brain off to the world is amazing, all while hyper-focusing on balance and strength. Centering your chi is like any other action, having the proper tools is essential, Aurorae Yoga helps inspire and illuminate your experience.

Aurorae Yoga matsIf you attend enough classes you realize that the health facility floors are less than comfortable for child’s pose, fish, or if you struggle with the slick wooden floor altogether. I love yoga barefoot, so using the yoga socks were not an option. I have tried other yoga mats but to be honest they feel cheap, flat and they are made of latex. Latex and I do not get along; I have a tremendous latex allergy that causes hives like no ones business.

So when I found Aurorae Yoga and their brand of yoga apparel, accessories and mats I was thrilled. All of their mats are latex, silicone, and Phthalates free. The mats are made of biodegradable materials, are sturdy for even your most “compromising” poses, and are durable enough that during your most perspiring moments in your yoga session you can be sure to not slip. Aurorae mats are extra long and extra thick without being heavy, bulky or overwhelming. Total mat dimensions 72″ Long x 24″ Wide and 5 mm thick, plenty of room to stretch and perform without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

Aurorae Yoga Mat, aurorae Iris bloom, Aurorae Impression yoga matI received the Aurorae Impression Iris Bloom yoga mat. Oh how I wish I could have taken a picture during my Thursday morning session to show you how wonderful it is to use. Caring for the Aurorae mat is just as wonderful and easy; wash with water and a tablespoon of soap, rinse and let air dry. Aurorae is a step above the rest and unlike other yoga mats. Off-brand generic brands that I have used in the past, the initial wash and use resulted in deterioration and the breakdown of the product. Aurorae maintained its original texture and resiliency. The print is absolutely stunning and in a vibrant color of purple, the compliments I received had me blushing and I could not rave enough about Aurorae and how their mats are available on Amazon.

Their products extend far beyond yoga mats. Aurorae offers a full line of yoga apparel, yoga towels to really sop up those hot moments, yoga bags to easily tote around your mat and a full line of accessories from yoga blocks to soy wax candles that have an aroma to set the mood for your space.

lavender candleMy candle that I received was Lavender with the intention of creating a sense of harmony. If you are married and or have children, harmony is what we moms ALL seek in our daily lives. The candles are a soy wax blend which are gentle enough for those with allergies like myself.

All of Aurorae’s products are reasonably priced as well at $39.95 for the mats, available in a wide variety of styles and colors on Amazon, further supporting the level of quality you receive with their products. Backed by a two year guarantee, Aurorae is a sure fire choice for the yogi in  your life this holiday season and beyond.

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  1. This yoga mat is beautiful. Yoga is mind centering for me and the thought of it while meditating on beautiful but useful mat is something I would like. The candle looks nice too!

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