My First, And Only, Retraction, or Edit

So many of you, as I did, thoroughly enjoyed the post about my letters I never intend to send. DH enjoyed it only half as much as we did.


OK, in all seriousness the man giggled, and then asked for a retraction.

I told him HELL NO……..but the words never left my lips. DAMN IT!

He Google messaged me……”Did you post the retraction yet? That I DID NOT clog the toilet?”

I ignored the Google message. Never happened. (LMAO)

“It was Big G’s fault the toilet clogged….you know how he is?”

Again…..the retraction why? Like father like son?!

“You know he likes to use A LOT of TP and baby wipes to wipe his ass.”

Yes my dear boy still uses baby wipes….he will also be the only child in the lunchroom at school using a warm, lemon scented towel to wipe his hands and face before and after eating.

Here I am on a Monday night, when I would rather be making my beer brew soap….which is OH SO DELICIOUS! You can use it as a shampoo bar too, so rocks, lots of lather, great conditioning.

OH RIGHT, sorry, so here I am posting my retraction about the “toilet and ass wiping abilities of DH.” As I had promised him…..because I never break a promise….unless it has to do with our parents….then I don’t promise anything….

Here is my official retraction to Mr. Fish:

My Dear Husband, I love you and at least 90% of the time your wiping abilities and flushing capabilities are adequate. However, at least 10% do require some tweaking. But I am willing to accept my wrong doing in that the dear boy Big G was the single, sole, and ONLY culprit for the toilet clogging incident that I, yes me ALONE, had to clean up. Please accept my public, very public apologies for the misrepresentation of your business with the latrine. Good day.

I can’t wait to see his reaction to this post.
I haven’t been able to stop laughing since I started typing!!
I love you dear.

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  1. See I thought he didn't use wipes this time….as I "failed" to reload the box. I still blame DH! LOL

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