Nature Valley Nut Clusters Snack Review

The folks at My Blog Spark sent me these snacks. Now I am a huge food lover! I do. I love food, I hate what food does to me sometimes (the waistline), but I love my food. What I hate are snacks. Snacks are evil. Snacks are hard to find that are healthy without being completely bland, make you want to gag, blah! I received the box and when I opened the shipping package I knew I was in trouble.

DH was standing right there. He has eyes like a hawk for food.The packages were swooped up like a newborn being carried off by the stork.

Before I get into too much detail about how we Fish snacked on these packages, lets present the facts, some information on My Blog Spark and Nature Valley:

My Blog Spark
MyBlogSparkâ„¢ is a fun and exciting program that gives you access to exclusive offers, sampling opportunities, prizes to give away to your readers, surveys, and events where you can meet up with fellow bloggers.

Nature Valley
A General Mills brand. Nature Valley created the granola bar category in 1975. Today’s lineup includes great-tasting Sweet & Salty Nut, Chewy Trail Mix and Heart Healthy chewy granola bars that are a good source of fiber. Nature Valley also provides consumers with cereal that is bursting with crunchy chunks of granola bars.

General Mills also enriches people’s lives around the world with programs such as Eat Better America and Nourishing Lives, by innovating a way to make people’s lives healthier, easier, and richer.

So now that you have all the fabulous deets on these folks here is the skinny on the snacks:

Nature Valley Nut Clusters come in four different nut cluster flavors for each type of nut and granola lover you may be. Right did I not mention that? These are great little nut and GRANOLA clusters, so the protein of the nut without all the extra calories that you get from eating a handful of nuts! Fantastic right?!

So the four flavors that did not survive a week in my home are: Nature Valley Honey Roasted Peanut Nut Cluster, Nut Lovers, Roasted Almond (one of my favorites….fights PMS too ladies!) and finally Roasted Cashew.

My take: I love that they are these bite size, and I truly mean perfect bite sized snacks that you just pop in your mouth. Some granola snacks get to be messy and fall apart or you have those nasty, salty, sugary, greasy feel from handling nuts (no pun intended there!) leaving you feeling yucky and regretful for eating all those calories. Plus the kids….LOVE THEM. They are perfect for their little hands and very little to no mess and no worries about choking on nut pieces, the nut pieces are small enough their little mouths can handle them. Score! No Heimlich in my house.

The DH’s Review: “You gonna get any more of these? How about you buy some when you get to the store next time? I mean these things are just sinful!” As he stands in the middle of the pantry popping them in his mouth like they are about to disintegrate. in his hot little hands.

Now everything else is up to you whether you are a fan of granola. Are you a fan of nuts? How about both? Have you ever wanted to incorporate both say into a snack, or a dish, these would be great with vanilla ice cream, maybe some yogurt, a salad maybe. What would you do with your Nature Valley Nut Cluster Snacks? Would you devour them like we did or get creative?

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  1. so so funny! we are going to a water park tomorrow and i am bringing lunch for the grown ups. i have been trying to (some what) stick to the south beach diet, so i just bought these as a snack for myself! haha! so glad to read your great review!

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