Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars – Snacks on the Go!

Some years ago I wrote about school lunch and the atrocities. Since that day I vowed I would make my children’s lunch everyday so that I knew what they were eating. Food is such an important factor in our daily lives from basic nutritional factors to the types of food we eat. I always try to make sure that my kids have a lunch that fuels their bodies and their brains right down to the snack options.

What about the other times when my kids are on the go? This year seems to have been exceptionally busy with events, activities, happenings. We literally have not had more than a single weekend to ourselves as a family. With all the busyness we often have to take food with us on the fly. Luckily we have some excellent choices for snacks from the folks at Nature’s Bakery. Nature’s Bakery has an entire line of non-GMO certified, stone ground, whole wheat fig bars in a variety of nine flavors and four gluten free flavors.

natures bakery, fig bars, natures bakery fig bars, non-gmo fig bars, organic foodsNature’s Bakery is a snacks and food brand that supports health conscious living and active lifestyles with 4 pinnacles of achieving balance – nature, activity, nutrition and community. Nature’s Bakery foods lead with delicious, thoughtfully crafted ingredients that are perfect for on-the-go snacks that people can feel better about eating. Creating foods, with an extra step, that are Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan and Kosher Certified because we care. Proudly, we offer a delicious family of Stone Ground Whole Wheat Fig Bars and Gluten Free Ancient Grains Fig Bars that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.

Needless to say my family always benefits from these snacks and they are always requested by my kids. What I did not know was that Nature’s Bakery offered their fig bars in nine different flavors, so we have taken the time over the last few weeks to try out each of these flavors with full delight! The seasonal pumpkin spice was one of my few favorites that I socked away in my pantry out of sight. Lemon was another that I thoroughly enjoyed. My kids always have the raspberry, blueberry and apple cinnamon packages alternated in their lunches. They were so excited to try the lemon, peach apricot, strawberry, and mango. Let’s not forget the original fig which is always a favorite.

boy scout, cub scout, wind cave scout hike, wind cave, Mesa arizonaThe gluten free comes in those similar flavors of raspberry, blueberry, original fig and my favorite, pomegranate. These tasty gluten free options were fabulous for feeding a crowd as we supplied these tasty treats to a dozen Cub Scouts. My son’s pack has kids with food allergies, like gluten intolerance, and these were the perfect choice. Fueling these boys up and down the mountain as they hiked our famous Wind Cave for the annual Scout Family Camp-Out.

Lunches, family outings and I love that Nature’s Bakery fig bars could make a great Halloween snack alternative or stocking stuffer, compared to traditional candy and junk foods. Sweet, tangy, cookie texture and they are deliciously healthy. Made with whole ingredients and nothing listed on the ingredient list is either difficult to understand or unnatural. Just follow them on their Facebook page for updates, specials, news and I found that they produce and bake their fig bars separately so that you do not have any food cross contamination. That’s a big deal when you have kids and adults with food allergies.

Stock up on these goodies in your pantry like I do when I hit the grocery store. You can find them everywhere if you are in the Reno and Sparks area of Nevada; my dear friends who live up there would be thrilled to hear this news! Use their handy store locator to find a retailer near you to stock up on one of your favorite flavors. I hope you love Nature’s Bakery fig bars as much as my kids and consider them this holiday season and beyond for all your snacking and on-the-go options.

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