Greens Plus Green Superfood for Total Body Nutrition

In all our busyness we often resort to fast food or less than fulfilling food options. We lack the several servings of fruits and vegetables daily in our diet. Quite frankly for most of us this deficit shows as we are missing out on all the essential nutrients and proprietary building blocks our bodies need to thrive and remain healthy. Even vitamin supplementation is not enough to provide energy, reduce inflammation and support an overall state of well-being.

Greens Plus is a family of total body nutrition bars, powders and other superfoods that provide a healthier lifestyle. All of the Greens Plus family of products are nutrient dense, all natural and many are organically grown. Greens Plus offers the solution to our total body nutrition by offering a variety of flavors and options to fit our ever changing, fast paced, lifestyle.

Some of those nutritious options and delicious flavors:

Greens Plus Organic Superfood Raw

greens plus, total body nutrition, superfoods, organic foods, organic powdersGreens Plus Organic Superfood Raw is a certified organic blend of raw green foods, superfruits, sea vegatables, and probiotic cultures. Greens Plus Organic Superfood Raw is purely vegan, and always soy, gluten, & dairy-free.

One serving delivers more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than 4 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables while supplying every color in the Dietary Food Spectrum. With a high-ORAC* superfruit blend and 2.5 billion dairy-free probiotics, Greens Plus Organic Superfood Raw helps to promote:

  • Higher energy levels
  • Body detoxification
  • Healthy aging
  • Immune function

Greens Plus Advanced Multi Wild Berry

superfoods, organic superfoods, superfood powders, greensplusThis Wild Berry flavor formula is a fully functional wholefood multivitamin and also soy, gluten, and dairy-FREE.  Look what’s inside!

  • Vitamin D3
  • Algae Calcium
  • Vitamin B complex from Holy basil, Lemon, and Guava
  • Fulvic acid for energy
  • Vitamin C from Camu Camu Berry

The powerful ingredients in Greens Plus Advanced Multi Wild Berry provide:

  • Bone building minerals
  • Higher energy levels
  • Body detoxification
  • Healthy aging
  • A healthy digestive and immune system

“Put the Plus in your smoothie” is what Greens Plus boasts and they are spot on. The other day after coming home from my workout I was craving a protein smoothie. I needed something to energize me and yet fit my craving for something smooth, sweet and loaded with veggies. My problem is that I know of a single veggie smoothie that is worthy of flavor. So I whipped up my favorite smoothie and took the liberty of adding BOTH the Superfood Raw and Superfood Wildberry. From there I prayed for flavor.

superfoods, non-gmo, organic superfoods, organic superfood powders, organic smoothiesMy smoothie consisted of protein powder, both Greens Plus Superfood Raw and Wildberry, a teaspoon of fresh ginger, one beet, one cup of spinach, one tablespoon of coconut oil, one teaspoon cinnamon, a smidge of cayenne, one quarter green apple, green tea and ice.

Did it have flavor? Absolutely and it was amazing! While the consistency was thick from having both powders, I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly pleased. Most superfood powders and concoctions taste bland, dirty, or outright disgusting. The Greens Plus family of powders is worthy of a great taste…the consistency could be smoother, but nonetheless the taste is great.

green superfood protein bar, superfood energy bar, organic superfood barsNot totally sold, but loving the Non-GMO, organic aspects of these foods I put the energy and protein bars to my taste test. Last Friday I was craving chocolate like something fierce. My package of Greens Plus arrived that day and perfect timing as I just got back from the gym and needed a fix. Snagging the Greens Plus PlusBar Energy Chocolate I was in heaven. I could taste the rich dark chocolate, peanut butter and the hint of the superfoods. Truly a decadent treat and a perfect pick-me-up from my energy draining workout. The last one to taste out was the Greens Plus PlusBar Protein Natural and let’s just say that my husband and I fought over who would eat the last one. I tried to squirrel the last one away and failed. Organic dark chocolate and whey protein, luckily I was able to have at least one after one of my workouts before The Chad snagged the rest.

My husband is already asking when we will be getting more. The best part is that Safeway, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Vitamin Shoppe and our local Sprouts grocery markets offer the Greens Plus line of foods for total body nutrition. You too can take advantage of Greens Plus at your local grocer and with these fantastic coupons to download:

CrispBar-Coupon-GreensPlus ProteinBar-Coupon-GreensPlus Powder-Coupon-GreensPlus

What do you lack in your diet? What do you wish you had more of in your day, diet and nutrition plan? Which of these Greens Plus products would be a great addition to your daily life? I hope you enjoy these coupons to try out the Greens Plus line of goodies in your home to help give your nutrition some plus.

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  1. I havent seen these around here yet. I have never been onto thee ‘super goods’ and admittedly dont eaat the way I suppose I should. I do eat lots of vegatales, but not the so caalled super foodss.
    I am one of those people that detest kale (for example) I would rather go outside and eat grass than eat that stuff. ha!


  3. My family enjoys healthy products like this. My daughter would like to add Greens Plus Organic Superfood Raw to a smoothies. She makes one every morning.

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