Pucker Up Lip Scrub by GlaMER

Tis the season for dry, chapped skin. Living in Arizona’s harsh climate I am no stranger to dry weather, heat, dry, gusty winds and overall arid climate. We are constantly applying some form of moisturizer in order to stay well hydrated with our skin. My lips are much of the same and we often neglect these beauties because we are either licking with them, kissing with them, drinking with them, so why wouldn’t they be well hydrated.

With how well we hydrate and care for our skin, our lips are often left out of the equation. My lips are always victim to chapping, peeling, dryness, without proper care. Traditional lip products are hyper filled with chemicals and other ingredients that are unnatural and often leave skin and lips in worse condition. When I heard about a lip product that is not only natural, good for your lips, organic and edible….well who could resist! Pucker Up with GlaMER Lips is absolutely delicious, an excellent exfoliant and hydrates my lips so they are always kissably soft.

makeupbymer, glamer lips, puckerup, lip exfoliantGlaMER was founded by Mercedes Porredon-Segal who has been exposed to and had a passion for beauty, her entire life. With 20 years of combined experience in marketing, art, and make-up Mercedes understands the requirements of her clients and ensures a creative and technically accurate visual representation of each of them. She perfects the faces of her brides and clients, so that they are not just beautiful, but glamorous, by specializing in customized airbrush and traditional application. With her careful attention to detail, technique and use of only the highest quality products, her clients appear flawless whether it is in front of the camera or before their guests on their big day.

I was so excited to try GlaMER as part of my beauty routine. Skeptical about the licking off concept, but I had nothing to worry about with the ingredients. YUM-Oh! My lips felt rejuvenated even in the harsh transition from Arizona summer to fall. Just a dab will do as you spread across your lips and then wipe off…a simple and tasty sugar scrub.

glamerGlaMER Pucker Up Lip Scrub is the perfect gift for the beauty maven in your life. The size is most excellent to keep in your purse for on the go. Gift GlaMER Lip Scrub as an excellent stocking stuffer. Made of 100% recognizable ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor sugar. Did I mention they are edible too? Apply and rinse off…or lick off depending on which of the six delicious flavors you choose. For those of you who cannot wait for holiday flavors GlaMER has a Pumpkin Spice limited time flavor and starting Black Friday keep an eye out for Peppermint and Eggnog! Take advantage of the early shopping now at MakeUpbyMer with a 20% discount using the HOLIDAY gift code at checkout or find a location nearest you to take advantage of in-store shopping and goodies.

Disclosure: I received two lip scrubs to sample and review. All opinions are my own, company information provided courtesy of MakeUpbyMer.com.

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  2. I have never heard of lip scrub before, how awesome! I am obsessed with flavored lip glosses and chapsticks, so this stuff is right up my alley!

  3. I am horrid about beauty routines maybe thats why there are no pics of me on the net besides an avatar.
    Sounds like a good product and I do use gloss mostly in the winter since we have the heater going andd it gets super dry.

  4. My lips get so cracked and dry in the summer and winter even though I live in a hot region. I will have to try this to help with this problem.

  5. With the colder temps arriving I know I need to do more about lip care. I generally wait until damage has already been done. Maybe this year I will start soon.

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