Newman’s Own Organics Pet Sampler

Who would have thought that bottling salad dressing in old wine bottles to give as gifts would evolve into a business. This was the genesis for Newman’s Own Organics when Paul Newman set out over 30 years ago to bring all-natural, quality foods to the world. Plus passing on the profits to those who needed the help the most. Would you have guessed that Newman’s Own Organics would evolve past the grocery aisles and into the pet aisle? Who says that quality, all-natural, organic foods should only be for humans. Newman’s Own Organics has an entire line of pet food products for the wellness and care of our furry family.

Newman’s Own Organics has foods and treats made from a unique blend of proteins, whole grains, vitamins and minerals. Ingredients are carefully selected for all life stages of your pet. From canned food to dry food, snacks and treats, Newman’s Own Organics offers a wide variety of high quality, all natural ingredients for your dog or cat.

Our family received the Newman’s Own Organic pet sampler pack and I think my kids were more excited than my dog. My husband and kids thought they would be first to try and inspect before the dog.​

Although, now that she is aware of the packaging and our trip to the pantry she’s loving her Premium Peanut Butter heart snacks. They are small enough for her little Lhasa Poo mouth to handled but not too small to be a problem. Our fur baby Bella, she is also a sensitive dog with her food. A bit of TMI, but she has a bit of an anal gland problem with certain foods. Just think IBS for dogs. Certain food brands can really upset her stomach and her exit path. So finding a dog food that is quality enough to not cause a flare up and a trip to the vet for treatment is a big deal in our house.

When we incorporated Newman’s Own into her existing diet she was loving it! I was truly concerned of how she might react with her puppy IBS. She’a s happy go lucky dog anyway, but knowing she is going to get her goodies, well, she really tells it all with her behavior. More so is that we are not concerned with her glands flaring up and resulting in an uncomfortable puppy and a trip to the vet. Would you have thought one mans gift of dressing would evolve into Newman’s Own Organics and into happiness in a puppy bowl.

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34 Replies to “Newman’s Own Organics Pet Sampler”

  1. I think it’s hilarious that your hubby was trying out the pet treats. Why not, right? I guess I need to take a trip to the pet aisle and see what goodies there are on the shelves.

  2. Our family would enjoy Scattergories® Categories because it would be fun for all ages and is very generational!

  3. We like the Peanut Butter Newman-O’s cookies the children
    like the Cinnamon Graham Alphabet cookies and
    the Peach Salsa is delicious.

  4. A couple of my favorite Newman’s Own products that I really love are their Sesame Ginger Dressing and their Organic Super Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cups.

  5. I love the salad dressings and the microwave popcorn isn’t bad as those things go. I don’t think I’ve tried anything else.

  6. I like the Creamy Caesar Dressing the most as I really enjoy a Caesar salad. I loved it when it was at McDonald’s.

  7. My favorite Newman’s Own Organics are the Butter Boom Microwave Popcorn and the Organic Wintergreen Mints for their high quality and great taste.

  8. The salsa is amazing and i am a fan of the salad dressings. I was not aware there was a dog food/treat line! I definitely will have to get some for my bulldogs.

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