52 Weeks to Toxin Free – Cleansing Power of Lemon

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Today’s day in age we are so finicky about our foods and products. We are okay with artificial lemon flavor in our food but want the power of natural lemon in our cleaning products. How does this logic make any sense? Well we have the answer and these cleaning options are sure to clean up your home and environment. Here are some great recipes to unlock the cleansing power of lemon in your home without breaking the bank too. Continue reading “52 Weeks to Toxin Free – Cleansing Power of Lemon”

Fill Your Pantry this Holiday with Newman’s Own Organics Family Pack



Welcome to the Networking Perks 2016 Family Gift Guide

Welcome to the Networking Perks 2016 Family Gift Guide

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The Five Fish

Networking Witches

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A Little Bit of Everything

My Dairy Free Gluten Free Life


Peyton’s Momma

I have worked with Newman’s Own Organics for a few years now. They were one of the first companies to introduce me to organics when I knew nothing about them. I was amazed at how delicious all of their food was and that they carried everything from snacks and pet food too! Continue reading “Fill Your Pantry this Holiday with Newman’s Own Organics Family Pack”

Newman’s Own Organics Pet Sampler

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Who would have thought that bottling salad dressing in old wine bottles to give as gifts would evolve into a business. This was the genesis for Newman’s Own Organics when Paul Newman set out over 30 years ago to bring all-natural, quality foods to the world. Plus passing on the profits to those who needed the help the most. Would you have guessed that Newman’s Own Organics would evolve past the grocery aisles and into the pet aisle? Who says that quality, all-natural, organic foods should only be for humans. Newman’s Own Organics has an entire line of pet food products for the wellness and care of our furry family. Continue reading “Newman’s Own Organics Pet Sampler”

How Low Testosterone Affected My Health

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Sitting at my desk at work I was flip flopping between hot flashes and cold spells. “I must be getting sick” as I rationalized my condition.  Heightened emotions also accompanied with rolling feelings of exhaustion, as I simply could not get out of bed anymore. I was even falling asleep shortly after dinner, so I rationalized that too, “Well maybe I am going to start my period.” Even though I just went through my cycle and I was not experiencing the traditional monster pimple that rears itself just before I start, I made that excuse as my personal self-diagnosis. For weeks these feelings continued. For months I rationalized what was wrong with me. Until I made the appointment with my doctor to really see what was going on with my health. Continue reading “How Low Testosterone Affected My Health”

Whish For Better Skin

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Being an Arizona native one might think that my skin and body would be tolerant of the extreme heat and arid summer climate. The fact remains as I have aged, my skin is not as resilient and tolerant to the harsh environment. Dry, ashy, and sometimes cracking, breaking skin happens on my shins, hands, fingers and feet if I am not on top of my skin care. Traditional lotions, creams and oils are petroleum based and laden with chemicals, perfumes and other additives which only further perpetuates the problem of dry skin. As I am always on the hunt for wonderful organic products I was approached about a homegrown company here in Arizona, Whish body products. Whish was created by one man’s quest to grace his bride with the best shave experience, for better skin, all while leaving her smelling delicious. Continue reading “Whish For Better Skin”