No More Little Bitty Soap

My shop that I named after my daughter, MY Little Bitty, is no longer. Some broad in Canada says she has a copyright. Actually that would be a TRADEMARK under intellectual property laws, but she would know that right? If she REALLY registered her name…..and had it protected under “international law”? Right? Right? What do I know about that…I am just a dumb SAHM.

Anyway, she sent me this nasty letter, that I will include for you all to read. So being that I am a nice person and very easy going, and had no ILL INTENTION AT ALL to “infringe” on her Etsy name, that obviously has not generated traffic which is why she is probably all bitter with me, but I am generous enough to change my name.

Now I am faced with a dilemma………………….what to name the soap company. You can see my Little Bitty is not happy with this.

So I am going to do something FUN! And everyone gets to help me, share in the wealth, and get some free loot! Something for basically nothing!

I am going to post all my soaps for sale on the blog I share with my sisters, which has been so badly neglected. Sigh, but better than wracking up charges and headaches. Sheesh!

No more Little Bitty Soap…….the name will be?????????????????????????


That’s right, and in favor, I will send some swag your way. How awesome is that!? I am working on all the details and the post as I type this one, but hang tight….because I have all sorts of new soaps that I have created in my little homemade apothecary slash soapery so lots to choose from, all for helping me out and being so fabulous!

Have fun reading this womans letter to me, I had fun deleting all my listings and then putting:

I would hate for her to get all sorts of unnecessary traffic from poor, pity, little, bitty, me.

Little Bitty Soap Company
3357 Highway 97
Lac La Hache, B.C.
V0K 1T1
email: info [!at]


Dear Sirs,

Re: Company Name

It has come to our attention that you are Using the Company name “Little Bitty Soap” in direct breach of our rights under International Copyright Law” ].

You have 10 days to remove the name “Little Bitty Soap” from Etsy and discontinue using the above listed company name in entirety , and confirm in writing to the address at the head of the letter that you will not repeat this infringement” ]

Failing this, we will apply for an injunction, and will also seek to recover costs and damages (plus interest) for your tortious acts and conduct.

This is our final communication to you on this matter, and we look forward to hearing from you as a matter of urgency.

Yours faithfully
Gillian DeConto, owner
Little Bitty Soap Company

13 Replies to “No More Little Bitty Soap”

  1. I know right?! I mean a better approach would have seemed less aggressive and still got the point across. Like I said, I am easy breezy.

  2. Wow, attorneys we're not and G. DeConto probably isn't either. Depending on how important the name is to you, it would be interesting to get an attorneys opinion. I wonder if Little Bitty Soap Company is incorporated. Anyhow, I have an idea for another name and you may have thought of it already. How about Little Itsy Bitsy Soap or Little Itty Bitty Soap. By the way thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I'm going to follow you, please stop by again and follow me, I need followers please. I enjoyed reading your blog.

  3. The name issue is really a mute point, it was more of a sentiment than anything because of my daughter. Which is why the name change is no problem. I am more than agreeable. But the blatent accusations and threats…you don't threaten a Leo, nor an aspiring law student, nor a blogger who has deep contacts with attorneys and such. But whatever, she's just bitter because of the lack of traffic! LOL

    Again, water under the bridge….I just have to get to that darn post for the giveaway on the new name.

  4. I thought you could use a little cheering up for today. So I have an award that will be ready for you shortly. Hope you had a great Sunday.

  5. See thats why I love you ladies!!?? You are all so stinking smart….I need to just get the dang post done!!

  6. she went a bit too far didnt need all those threats…knowing me I would gie her a hard time for sendiung such a thing

  7. geez. why did she have to be such a biatch about it. a simple excuse me would have sufficed, no?
    i'm going to think of a name for your soaps…
    give me a couple hours.

  8. Oh tell them to suck it!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving comment love!! It's anniversary #2!

  9. I'm not sure what to name it, but my tagline would read: Not THAT Little Bitty Soap Company

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