On the Move Again

Twirling the events of the past year through my head like balloons whipping in the wind, The Chad and I are just amazed at all that we have experienced over the last nine to twelve months. In just three short weeks we are moving, yet again. Seems as though we only arrived here in Orlando a few days ago, but we are almost into this adventure a full year. How is this so? Apparently time truly does fly despite times where we think time is standing still. My twins were just born yesterday too if you ask me, here they are, a decade older and I continue to be in disbelief I gave birth and raising twins. Much like my disbelief that we have to be on the move again, only this time, our roots will be firmly planted here in Florida. Our family will be able to officially close our chapter of life in Arizona as we close on our home in Oviedo, just outside of Orlando.

Moving is a super pain in the neck, but what I have learned about any experience in life is the ability to cull the crap and not get too attached or deep in the weeds. Our move is simply across town and not another cross country move, praise God! The act of moving is all the same, collecting boxes, packing up belongings into said boxes and then moving said boxes and belongings across town about 20 miles. So with moving across town I am thankful that we can close on our house and have enough interim between our current rental home and the home we are purchasing. The interim allows me time to drive to the new house and take smaller loads of our items and unpack them right away.

moving cross county, moving day, Bekins move, movingSounds crazy I am sure, but I do not deal well with clutter. Boxes scattered about, my house in disarray, the whole process makes me a bit anxious and unsettled. So being able to place things in boxes and fill up my vehicles as much as possibly can to drive them to our new place allows me to feel like things are moving forward, slowly but surely. I think that is why the boxes rattle me is the hurry up and wait process and then the sudden execution. I am really tired of being rush. I am tired of feeling like I am in a hurry all of the time. If anything, our move to Florida has been such a breath of relaxing fresh air.

Life has ebbed and flowed like waves to the sand. Rhythmic and relaxing. When I went to Arizona this past March for a dear friend’s wedding, I was immediately tossed back into the hustle and bustle of city life. Traveling from here to there, meeting here, meeting there, lunch dates, dinner dates, I dreaded all of the driving and chaos my home town brought back into my life for that temporary snapshot. Emotionally, physically and mentally drained, being on the move again once more. Thinking about how busy my life was when I was a resident there with my children, always in motion, never being still. A calm has washed over our family with living in Florida, the island life per se, embracing the relaxing attitude and feel of living in a paradise.

I suppose that is why, even though I dread this move, I am happy to be on the move again and for a final time. Our family will be able to truly settle into a solid life routine. My oldest son, G, he will be a freshman in high school next year. How is this so? Mind blown that my sweet baby boy, who was appalled he too had twins to wrangle with in his toddler head, is now a full man-child. My twins will be entered the fifth grade, and in a few short years The Chad and I will be empty-nesters before we know it; how bittersweet a life to have lived so quickly. Waxing nostalgia, being on the move again has brought so many good memories to mind, recalling 21 years The Chad and I have built this life together and the last 15 with kids. In those moments, just as I am typing in this moment, I fail to grasp words to express the avalanche of feelings that overpower me, I can only embrace them and move forward.

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  1. I feel for you, Karie. I love moving into a new home, but I can’t stand the moving process. Plus with one hyper-sensitive kid, she only feels for the home and surrounding that is being left behind – not a new adventure to come. It’s grueling. Which is why we don’t do it often. I hope your move goes well (and you’re not over-doing yourself after surgery) and you find happiness in your new home!

    1. Birds of a feather my friend, my oldest is very hyper-sensitive and I only realized that when my sister came to visit. He was a mess the day she was leaving, I realized how his history and memories are tied to his surroundings and the home we make for him. My hope is that with the move he is more at ease and finds comfort in the adventure. Recovery has been great and the best I have felt in years! Hope you are well my dear friend. XO

  2. I feel the same way you do about moving. It is a nightmare – especially with kids!! The one positive thing was moving after I lived in our home for a longtime, I got rid of papers and things that I didn’t need anymore. Otherwise the stuff would have stayed put. Out of sight! Out of mind!
    I wished we would have moved to a state that is warm all year round! Like Florida. We are empty nesters and its not all that! Enjoy your home sweet home!

    1. We had the same experience with papers! Years and years of papers, kids school papers, bills, everything; I spent hours just sorting through what was worthy of being kept. Now my mom is moving and she still has my school papers and I told her to toss them, I am sure my children may one day say that, but I will let them make that decision. We are not far from being empty nesters, which frightens me and excites me all at once. May your empty nest become more all that. 😉

  3. Moving is a headache sometimes. Last year I moved from California to New York and I hired a reliable movers company to take care of everything. I did some decluttering before moving and got rid off unusable stuff to lower the moving costs.

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