Organizing The Junk Drawer Rubbermaid

With all of my OCD tendencies, having order among a house of chaos, you would think that my junk drawer would have been tackled like a running back. Oh no…my junk drawer multiplied, literally, I believe that it spawned a cousin or something.

In my kitchen I have two drawers of silverware depending on where I am standing in the kitchen so I am assuming that my junk drawer figured as much too. Well she is standing here lets toss everything in this drawer and when you are yonder we can throw it in there. Not so much.

So the wonderful folks at Rubbermaid contacted to me to receive and review their six piece, interlocking drawer organizer set. Now I contemplated using the set for organizing all of my kitchen utensils since they are a smorgasbord of disorganized happiness but I knew that I had two drawers in my kitchen screaming the help of Rubbermaid.

Take a gander at what a slob I am….(see I admit failure….failure to be completely OCD 100% of the time):

Look at all of that JUNK! Wet towelettes, toothpicks, batteries, pot holders and mits, rubberbands OH MY!

Now here is what my fabulous drawers look like after unloading all of the contents on my counter and organizing “the stuff” with the help of these great tips:

What is super awesome is that these trays have special feet to help stabilize them so they do not shift and moe around in your drawers like traditional organizers. What else did you expect from Rubbermaid? Plus with the various tray sizes you can configure your organization which ever way you want. Like in my drawers I split up the trays to effectively organize all my junk like my batteries for my kids toys, the candles for the many birthdays we have and will celebrate, the toothpicks I use for baking and I can easily access my ziploc bags without all the stuff getting in the way. And what is with the door knocker?

Now the second drawer is also much much more functional and look! You can see all my pot holders and everything has a place, even all the Chuck E. Cheese tickets we still need to use have a spot.

I am also giving away one of these fabulous organizing packs. An added bonus $1.00 off coupon for Rubbermaid products!

Tell me are your drawers out of hand like mine and in need of some time to get the chaos in order or would you like a more functional product like Rubbermaid’s no slip design to help keep your trays in place?
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Best of Luck!
*The Five Fish did receive a 6pc interlocking organizer drawer set to review and was not required to write a review positive or negative in exchange for said product.

152 Replies to “Organizing The Junk Drawer Rubbermaid”

  1. I need to get organized. The Rubbermaid Adjustable Over the Door Organizer would really help me.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  2. My drawers are horrible. We're so cramped and out of space that our drawers are sufering. Thanks for the chance.

    sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

  3. My drawers are a tragedy, especially in the kitchen. They are COMPLETELY disorganized and all mixed together. I could sure use something to organize them 🙂

  4. My junk drawer is crazy! My husband just took like 100 pens out of it the other day and you still can't shut it. I take things out and he puts them in so we are so helpless I am not sure Rubbermaid can help but it would sure be fun trying!

  5. I just moved in my home in August so my junk drawers aren't too bad yet. But they're moving in that direction!


  6. My drawers are definitely in messy shape and need some organizing. The fact that one of them is a small drawer makes the component idea very usable in that one, rather than some of the non-flexible units.

    clynsg at

  7. I need these for my junk drawer, my makeup drawer, and a whole lot of other drawers. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. sharonaquilino at hotmail dot com

  8. My worst drawer has to be my tool drawer. It's in my kitchen and I have screwdrivers, a hammer, misc nails, stuff like that. Half the time I either can't get it shut or can't get it open! I'd love to organize it with Rubbermaid!

  9. I have multiple junk drawers in my kitchen. One in particular is way out of hand. I could really use these organizers.

  10. My drawers are insanely out of order! They are so junky, and I desperately need something to help organize them! 🙂
    Amanda Barnes

  11. I would like a functional product like Rubbermaid's no slip design to help keep my trays in place.
    nanoarta1 at gmail dot com

  12. I only have two drawers that out of control and need help. It sure would be nice to have the no slip design in my other drawers and they slide every time you open and shut them.

  13. My drawers are mostly in chaos. It seems the nature of my drawers to acquire 'things' that need to be stuck somewhere. Periodically I need to remove items that simply aren't being used anymore.

  14. we have everything jumbled together in our drawers which makes it hard to find anything you just better hope what you need is on

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