Orgasmic Review: Eden Fantasy’s Giveaway

Sex is such a great topic. Very open in my household, though we limit specifics for obvious reasons. I don’t need my six year old running off to school talking about quickies and Nooners. So if you are prudish, squeamish, or sex is taboo…..DO NOT READ THIS. Or do but don’t hate on me. 
I’m a Catholic. We’re taught that sex is a dirty, vile, disgusting, act that you save for the one you truly love.
– Paul Begala from his appearance on Bill Maher.
So when Nicole and Drew from Eden Fantasy’s contacted me about the fun stuff they offer surrounding sex and doing a review, I jumped them faster than my husband on a horny night! Now Eden Fantasy’s is terrific because they are not a “perv shop” like some people may think. Eden Fantasy’s is a great, upscale, adult, online retailer that sells more than just sex toys. Eden Fantasy’s also offers adult toys and vibrators for those who are into enhanced and or self-pleasure, but they also offer lingerie and love games to those who are looking for maybe just a bit of spice or a little extra heat in the bedroom.
I for one already have PLENTY of heat in the bedroom. You don’t get a single (Big G) and a double (the twins) from lack of heat! But with kids, you learn to be creative, take it where you can get it, and sometimes, even though there is heat, you need the spice!
My choice was tough, really, to kick up my spice level with the hubs. He travels a lot so we don’t get to “date” as much as we used to and babysitters….well few and far between. I looked at their lingerie and costumes, because I for one LOVE to dress up. Naked or fully dressed, I love to know what I wear is sexy and makes my man hot. I solicited his opinion to help in my quest for upping the boudoir action….BOY did I open a can of worms. You thought I was herny….I was getting Google messages like no tomorrow to check out links. He was like a panting dog in summer and I loved it, we had fun just shopping!
Finally we decided on a great new toy…a vibrator to be exact. But not just any old vibrator.
The Orgasmic Foreplay Kit.

I have to tell you that I was at first intimidated by the “gadget.” And by gadget I mean the Double Clicking your Mouse…gadget. I was like…hmm….could be interesting…never tried it….what the hell! The controls are super easy and the push button make handling a breeze. No fumbling for the “knob” to turn off or on. And the companion toy is great for interchanging with other toys. Made of soft jelly, not the typical hard silicone the toy is pliable and skin-friendly. We were just burning to get the package in….checking the mail all week.
Hubs and I received it on a Saturday before noon.
The timing couldn’t be better. We pawned Big G off to the neighbors to play. The twins….down for a good two to three hour nap. The house was ALL OURS!! We giggled and flirted like teenagers giddy to makeout when Mom and Dad are gone, opened the box, washed and readied our new toy, and skipped to the bedroom for some play time. We were all geared up, sweat was already starting to bead from us and we were still dressed! Hubs grabbed our pink foreplay friend, fired her up…..and….she was a one shotter. That’s right. We didn’t even get to play with her and she came and went before we did. Way to go hubs!

But never fear, Eden Fantasy’s has a SUPERB return policy. The instructions are easy to follow, just call your representative and easy peasy pumpkin pie, you are squared away. So we returned our pink foreplay friend and received the new one, talk about “bang for your buck.” Not as much planning went into our second go around for the Big O, but I gotta tell ya ladies. OH. MY. GOD. Truly there is nothing like the real deal with your man….but if the cat is away my mouse will play. I cannot explain it. But I loved the fact that I was a limp noodle when all was said and done. I had not slept that well in a LONG time like I did that night.

Here is Eden Fantasy’s Mission Statement: invites you to learn from others, share your experiences and re-discover sex. We offer online shopping you can trust, a welcoming community and a wealth of inspiring resources.

They also offer a wide seletion of products from as tame as candles to as hot as the toys, are a welcoming sex-positive community, hold the highest standards in online transaction (can totally vouch for that!), and have a great privacy policy.

With all of that, since I know you are hoping you don’t get screwed in this review…or maybe you do hope to get screwed… is the FABULOUS giveaway deets from Eden Fantasy’s and The Five Fish:

$50 Gift Card to Eden Fantasy’s
The rules of getting screwed in this giveaway are as follows
and you MUST do the following in order to be entered:
  • Tell me the one thing about sex for you. For example you might be prudish about sex, the use of toys, maybe talking about sex, is sex taboo to you and in your house, are you a closet freak? Tell me your one thing about sex. This HAS to be done before any other entries count. (Leave your email addy of course so we can contact you with the goods!)

Here are all your extra entries which will be LOADS of fun!

  • Visit Eden Fantasy’s and tell me what you would like for yourself or your partner
  • Follow my blog or tell me you already do (the button is at the bottom)
  • Follow me on Twitter or tell me you already do
  • Tweet this Giveaway (once per day until the end of the contest)
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  • For extra FUN, Follow and Tweet up Nicole, Drew, and Eden Fantasy’s about your fantasy, position, or fun toys! Be sure to tell them I sent ya! (Worth THREE more entries)

~~Be sure you leave a comment for each item, such as Fanned, Followed, Tweeted, these are extra entries for winning. I don’t count them unless you leave me the comment love. Again, don’t forget your email address too, you can’t get screwed if you don’t leave me your contact! LOL~~


 *Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency.

149 Replies to “Orgasmic Review: Eden Fantasy’s Giveaway”

  1. Yikes… I'm the first to comment.. what does that mean, do you think?? Ummm… my one thing about sex, is that I hate it… it hurts too much, sad I know!!! Everyone tells me it's suppose to be fun, whatever that means?!?! Glad I got twins… one less time to "do it"

  2. This post cracks me up! One thing about sex…we do it all hours of the day. TMI? Maybe, but morning, afternoon, evening, night, shower, bed, floor…you name it! We have two kiddos so we take it when we can get it, no matter time of day or place (within reason!)

  3. I went to Catholic school…but that was quite awhile ago! I am certainly no prude anymore…and I do love my toys!
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. My one thing about sex: I realize now that I"m married and have to do it. I'd do well being single as I'd only have it when I feel like it.

  5. Well, my one thing…hmmm, I don't think that sex is taboo or dirty – I think God is totally into sex between married couples. It's a beautiful thing, and sometimes you even get babies out of it – bonus!

    BUT…I do feel sort of embarrassed talking about it online ;). (Looking back and forth to see who's reading.)

  6. I used to have sex multiple times a day … until the first child was born. Then ummm sometihing in me went quiet? I'd really like for it to wake up again. Soon.

  7. And I can't decide, but I think I either want the dolphin or the rabbit. One way or the other, it will be an animal apparently 😉

  8. My husband and I have entered the phase in our marriage where we are interested in trying new things. We have never done the sex toy thing, but we've been thinking about it!

  9. I love sex, anytime, anywhere (within reason lol)! I'm a single girl at the moment and am in the market for a new…companion…if you will. 😉

  10. Ok, I'll be honest – I'm not a prude by any means but I don't have sex for sex sake. I want romance. I prefer to make love. It's the intimacy more than the act that I crave. But eh, that's just me. I do understand that everyone is different!

  11. Gracious, which thing should I pick to tell you? How about this: I love starting sex by giving head. And I think the head of my husband's penis feels a lot like lychee fruit between my lips.

  12. And in spite of the fact that I can get so addicted to toys that I can't get off without them, I really want a rabbit-style vibrator, but I'm really bugged by the toy designers actually using animals for the stimulator attachments–I also find bows on my underwear and bras irksome. So I haven't decided yet which vibe I'd get, but this one looks interesting: and this one:

  13. Getting personal .. about sex .. I can say I'm not satisfied with the amount of times we have sex. My husband works a lot and he's always tired.

  14. Fun post and giveaway,thanks!
    I have to be really turned on to enjoy sex with my partner.If i have not had a good day or have things on my mind bothering me ,,NO WAY! My hubby could make out during a disaster i guess. ;( leaving me a lot of times..well..just say glad it was over .
    I like using toys because then i enjoy it as well! ;)A lot of times it hurts too,so i enjoy my toy.If i win this i can try something new,, lol

    alwaysatryin at

  15. I like sex toys, but to be honest, i like doing it with my husband way better, it feels so much better! and yes it is much more fun than using sex toys but then, sometimes, we want to have a little bit of fun together, spice things up a bit more and then we make use of the toys lol.

    Nury77 at live dot ca

  16. My sex comment?

    I love love lingerie. It's a new addiction, but I love anything very small and lacy!!!


  17. I love this set {} from Eden Fantasys.

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