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Valentine’s Day is upon us and I for one am not a fan of the holiday but as a woman, I take full advantage of the fact that my husband bears gifts on this day. So I was perusing various gifts as I am a practical woman, I like for items to last. Flowers die. Chocolate is gluttonous. Cards can be recycled. I want a tangible items that I can see each and everyday and know that my love bought me something that I can use for my passions.

My passions right, what exactly are my passions. If you read my Monday posts you know that my passion is food. Hands down, food is one of my main passions. I love to cook, I am a pâtissier and I pride myself in my culinary desserts and meals. I think the easiest dessert that I recently had the pleasure to make was creme brulee. I knew that the dessert would be impossible for me, I thought I was bound to destroy the warm custard. However, I lucked out and the end result was magnificent, minus the fact that I did not have a creme brulee torch to give the custard the sugary, golden, crusty coat.

I did make do with my oven on broil while I hovered to be sure that the sweet goodness did not boil over or burn. In the end, I found that the dessert would not be impossible for me and that next time I needed to have the finishing tool for the job. As for any job you cannot expect to show up without that ONE item. So I am sure to “hint” to The Chad how I would love a creme brulee torch not only for creme brulee but also for my flambe dishes and my reduction dishes as they require fire and when you have an electric cook top, fire is a bit hard to come by.

While this gift may seem completely off the wall, I find it completely practical, functional, a sign of true love that my man can gift me fire for Valentine’s. You know a man is a keeper when he can gift you fire and knives for a holiday.

What will you ask for this Valentine’s Day? Are you the hopeless romantic who swoons for flowers, chocolates and cards? Or are you the more practical gift recipient for gifts that last and are functional are the sure fire way to your heart?

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