Pucker Up Lip Scrub by GlaMER

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Tis the season for dry, chapped skin. Living in Arizona’s harsh climate I am no stranger to dry weather, heat, dry, gusty winds and overall arid climate. We are constantly applying some form of moisturizer in order to stay well hydrated with our skin. My lips are much of the same and we often neglect these beauties because we are either licking with them, kissing with them, drinking with them, so why wouldn’t they be well hydrated. Continue reading “Pucker Up Lip Scrub by GlaMER”

Whish For Better Skin

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Being an Arizona native one might think that my skin and body would be tolerant of the extreme heat and arid summer climate. The fact remains as I have aged, my skin is not as resilient and tolerant to the harsh environment. Dry, ashy, and sometimes cracking, breaking skin happens on my shins, hands, fingers and feet if I am not on top of my skin care. Traditional lotions, creams and oils are petroleum based and laden with chemicals, perfumes and other additives which only further perpetuates the problem of dry skin. As I am always on the hunt for wonderful organic products I was approached about a homegrown company here in Arizona, Whish body products. Whish was created by one man’s quest to grace his bride with the best shave experience, for better skin, all while leaving her smelling delicious. Continue reading “Whish For Better Skin”

Making Beauty Healthy – Mineral Fusion

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Are you one of those ladies that love to peruse makeup? Look at all the beautiful colors and makeover options and adore the palettes and hues? I know I am one of them. Makeup is scary to me because I have been told I should wear certain hues and colors and shades and when I wear them and wear the suggested application I end up looking a bit like Tammy Faye Baker. Lipstick is especially scary for me because I would hate to look like a clown. Or worse, I have a horrible reaction because I have uber sensitive skin. Couple all these factors with the brutality of the Arizona climate, especially in summer, the whole bit reeks of disaster. Until I was introduced to Mineral Fusion which is a mineral cosmetics brand that creates beautiful colors and hues to accent and enhance any woman’s beauty and is completely vegan. Continue reading “Making Beauty Healthy – Mineral Fusion”

Organic Baby Lotion for More than Just Babies

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Not all baby lotions are alike. Not all organics are the same either. When an organics company comes along that offers products for all stages of baby and motherhood you cannot help to take notice. Especially when the product is more than a gimmick and more than just a brand, but an organization that is passionate about organics and creating safe products for babies, children, mama’s and beyond. This is the story of Earth Mama Angel Baby.  Continue reading “Organic Baby Lotion for More than Just Babies”

Harvey Prince Scents of Purpose

Admittedly I am a fan of most things girl; shoes, purses, perfumes, and fine clothing. I am a scent whore most of all to be sold bold and brash. I adore perfume. Nothing defines a mood, a feeling, a memory, or a “just because” like the smell of perfume. My salle de bain, as I like to refer to my bathroom, is filled with various rich perfumes from some of the most famous designers; Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Donna Karan, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, and my favorite Ralph Lauren. But sometimes I like to change up my scents and I am always on the look out for some fabulous new scents from my old favorite from Ralph Lauren, in fact my favorite scent of all time is Lauren by Ralph Lauren. I have worn it for years and it my signature scent if you were to ask.

Recently I heard of Harvey Prince. In all honesty I had never heard of them while searching for eco-friendly perfumes; I had know idea what they had to offer as far as a product, and best of all I did not know what to expect. So I requested a sample of their product and could not believe my olfactory response as well as my visual stimulation.

The packaging was adorable, bright, inviting, and stylish. To my pleasant surprise when I opened the package I found six, fun, roll on bottles of perfume and eau de parfum. Included was a transparent that spoke to me and told the story of the company and the perfumes they craft based on real life inspiration. The perfumes are meant for you feel good, feel happy, and feel young all while being yourself. I immediately opened each and every one of the bottles to smell for myself, to put them on, as if that moment were Christmas Day. Furthermore I pulled my husband over to me and had him smell them, I wanted  him to delight in my giddiness and excitement over perfume. Typical man, he appeased me and shared his feedback. He liked the femininity and the fact that each perfume resonated a moment in time and they were sexy, so he says. Ahem, thank you Mr. Fish.

The adorable packaging included the following scents: Eau Flirt, Eau Fling, Eau de Lite, Eau de Creme, Coupling, and the signature Ageless. I could smell all the warmth and femininity these perfumes had to offer and they inspired different feelings in me with each whiff. Eau de Creme is one of my favorites that I use ever so sparingly due to the rich vanilla and Patchouli that I could immediately recognize, making me think of a cool fall day drinking a hot latte with friends. Ageless though is timeless, reminding me of my Ralph Lauren adoration and how clean the smell is on the skin, not overwhelming or wreaking of alcohol like some parfums. I wore Ageless to work and was complimented numerous times on what a beautiful perfume I was wearing, who was the maker, all the women enjoyed the clean beautiful scent as much as I did and have enjoyed, and I felt like I did when I was in my twenties. Youthful, vibrant, and I could feel the touch of class by adding that bit of scent to my ensemble that can make you feel that much more the attention grabber without losing your class. Guiltily I retire my Ralph Lauren in lieu of Harvey Prince.

Harvey Prince even boasts of this in their mission statement to provide high quality perfumes to women without the toxicity or choking scents that are often found in boutique and cosmetic grade perfumes. Fabulous idea right!? Plus these perfumes are good for you too with no parabens, sulfates or GMO’s and they are crafted right here at home in the USA. But please do not let me influence you, I know I have in no way been influenced, especially because I had no idea what to expect or even what I was receiving, so now you have an idea of what Harvey Prince stands for and what fabulous perfumes they have to offer. Now you too can bring Harvey Prince to your life and add that spunk with Eau Flirt, feel years younger with Ageless, be that pinup for date night with Eau de Creme, or slip on some flip flops with Eau de Lite or choose from one of the other beautiful scents of full size perfumes Harvey Prince has to offer!

  • Come tell me which scent, by visiting the Harvey Prince site, you would love to add to your salle de bain and WHY! Is your why to feel young, flirty, because you just lost weight and feel amazing, tell us your story!
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Wear Organic: Monave Cosmetics Lip Gloss

*Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency.
Ladies do you have a hard time finding the right cosmetics? I know I have. I always have. Just when I think I have found my right color, my right blend, my right ingredients, I find something horribly wrong with either the product, the way the product reacts with my skin, or the company is not as they seemed. I went on a quest to find a vegan, if not organic, cosmetics company. Because really what woman does not enjoy the gift of cosmetics, especially quality cosmetics.

Some of you may know I make my own soap. I love it. This way I know what is in my soap that is used on my family, not some fancy chemicals and perfumes. Honest to goodness vegan products. So I wanted a cosmetics company to do the same. Offer rich wholesome products that I knew the ingredients and I knew they were fabulous.

I found Monave and I researched everything they have in inventory as best as I could. What I saw I loved. The company is owned by a woman. PLUS! She formerly worked in cosmetics and knew what women loved in a mineral, vegan, and natural cosmetics line. PLUS! The owner also supports other women owned businesses and entrepreneurs. PLUS! The name is even derived as an acronym for “Modern,” “Natural,” “Versatile.” Needless to say I was head over heels when they told me I could begin by sampling and reviewing their liquid lip gloss line.

Who doesn’t love lip gloss. Girls and women of all ages love lip gloss. But as long as the lip gloss is not goopy, sticky, messy, all the troubles we run into with lip gloss. I personally used to be a HUGE, die hard fan of Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lip line. LOVED them. Until I tried Monave. From now on I will be shopping with Monave, I am brand loyal when I find a fabulous product. I mean Victoria has gone with me to San Francisco and back, so sad that I have to retire her.

I personally LOVE the way the glosses feel. They are smooth, silky, no sticky feeling, no build up, no curdling like some glosses do as they dry up and wear away, leaving those nasty chunks in the corners of your lips. Ladies you know what I am talking about. Often a result of a petroleum based product. Just ick!

The lip glosses are fabulous because they deposit a minimal amount of sheer color that enhance your lips without being a lipstick and without being too sheer for a standard gloss. Plus with the majority of the glosses are almost all vegan, I felt the product truly moisturized my lips as opposed to standard glosses that truly just glossed over and never moisturized. I say almost all vegan because some do have beeswax in them, however, I was assured by the ladies at Monave that the beeswax is from a fourth generation apiary that ethically harvests and sun bleaches as opposed to chemical bleaching which is HUGE considering most cosmetics are made of nasty fillers and chemicals.

I tried out these fabulous colors:

  • Merlot
  • Divine
  • Cool Maple
  • Neutral
  • Autumn Leaves

What I really enjoyed about all of these colors is that they are versatile enough for any skin tone, make-up blend, and of course they are smooth, silky, and long lasting. I want to be able to wear make-up without looking like I am wearing make-up, I want a fresh natural look, where my make-up enhances my beauty, not where I have to wear it to make me look beautiful.  As I said these glosses are silky, not sticky or drying like standard glosses because these have fabulous vegan products, not petroleum which causes stickiness and curdling and dryness.

Not to mention, not great for the environment.

Monave launched a fabulous holiday theme that every woman (and man for his wife or girlfriend) could appreciate! The theme is “Give the Gift of Healthy Beauty” where you my faithful and beautiful readers are able to enjoy. For every purchase that is made at Monave a matching sample product for a friend is delivered; their choice of color, FREE with any purchase of a full size product from our website. How fabulous is that. So if your husband is out shopping for you, he could kill two birds with one stone by buying for you and sending the full size free gift to say his mother or sister. Or ladies you could do the same if doing any personal shopping for yourself! So go now, go “Give the Gift of Healthy Beauty” with Monave.

Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD your Copy of the catalog HERE and all the fabulous participants, savings, and giveaways!