Save more Food with Rubbermaid Modular Canisters

Need I rant and rave and roll on about how much I love Rubbermaid? Why Yes. Yes I will. I am a neat freak when my home comes to organization. Color coding, neatly stacking, arranging, everything has a place and it is neatly put away.

I need this much organization because as a busy working mom of twins plus one I need my life to be as simple and easy as possible and Rubbermaid helps make that happen with all of their options for organizing life.

Recently Rubbermaid sent me Modular Canisters, part of their Bulk Food Storage Container line, to review and I sat on them for a few days until I had an opportunity to figure out exactly what I wanted to put in them.

But Rubbermaid doesn’t leave you to organize of your own devices, they include a great organizational sheet to inspire plenty of ideas for what to organize and or how.

So I took the sheet and sat in my pantry, grabbed my spaghetti pasta and beautifully organized it into the 21 cup container, then I took my rigatoni and other miscellaneous shell pastas and put those in another container. Then I was left with two containers and I am not quite sure what to put in them. So there they sit…in my pantry…waiting to be filled.

I have candies and granola and lots of other items and I am just not sure what to put in there.

So I want you to tell me what you would put in the 8-piece modular canisters? What would you put inside them or use them for in your home. Tell me and you can win a Rubbermaid 8-pc. Modular Canister set for your home.

236 Replies to “Save more Food with Rubbermaid Modular Canisters”

  1. Pantry: I would put oatmeal, cream of wheat, grits, flax meal, corn bread mix, cereal, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, beans of all sorts (dry), GOLDFISH!!!, you name it, I could think of SO MANY things I would/could put into them! The oatmeal or goldfish, for sure, because the original containers take up SO MUCH ROOM!

    Crafts: Ribbon, stickers, threads, yarns, scraps of fabric and craft papers, scissors and paper-crafting supplies, stamps & pads, clay, play-dough, markers, pencils, crayons, again, the list could go on!

    Laundry/Cleaning: homemade green cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, softeners, etc.

    Kids: TOYS! My kids seem to collect lots of TINY things, marbles, dominoes, figurines/characters, magnetic dress-up kits, potato head sets, play food, so many tiny pieces that could use some organization AND A LID!!!

  2. I’d use the Rubbermaid modular canisters for storing my dry goods from my pantry. Our many varieties of cereal, bread crumbs, granola, flour, graham cracker snacks, goldfish, etc. I need these type canisters to keep the little buggies out.

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  4. Heh, because I have a lot of it in different varieties, I’d actually opt to store different kinds of pasta in them 😀 I think their different shapes would like excellent.

  5. I’d use them for all of my baking goods, oats, sugar, flour, etc.

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  7. My husband has “wearhouseitis” and buys too much to from Sams Club to consumr right away. I’d store opened bags of chips and cereals in the set if I win.

  8. I’d organize the pantry. Especially my collection of breakfast cereals (since everyone likes something different)

  9. I would use them for herbs that I grow in my garden and dry for use in the winter time.

  10. Great Storage containers. I really can use them to better organize my kitchen

  11. I would use some to store dry kitchen items in and the others to store leftovers..

  12. Well, I would go completely the other route. I’d use them for my son’s new obsession: Legos. 🙂 Instead of walking into his room and stepping on tiny little Legos all over his floor, I’d put them in the canisters! Then I don’t have to do an obstacle course while checking on him before I go to bed every night.

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  16. I think I would have to split them up, if they could stand to be apart from each other 🙂 Half in the kitchen for my tea collection and half in my craft area for buttons, ribbons, and the many things in there that don’t have a real “home.”

  17. I would put cereals in the larger bins, and the smaller ones would be snacks I send honey to work with- just send it the canister for him to save at work.

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  18. My dark chocolate, some pastas, nuts, anything I use regularly and need to keep fresh.

  19. I would use them for pasta, cookies, also spices that are in the packages so they are not sitting loose in my cupboards. Even Tea bags. They would be great to keep things organized.

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  20. I couldn’t tell you how many times we’ve opened up cereal boxes and the bag has ripped and before we can eat all the cereal…it gets stale! These containers by Rubbermaid would be AWESOME to help get the most out of our money! AND…it would be great to put snacks in for each of the kids so they know which canister is theirs. Then…when those snacks are gone for the day…that’s it!

  21. I would keep them in my pantry and fill them with flour, sugar, coffee, etc. Thanks for the chance.

  22. We are trying to reorganize and declutter our home and these would be great for our kitchen pantry! They would be used to store cereal, chips, assorted nuts, candy, etc.

  23. Cereal, animal crackers, goldfish, cookies, pretzels and one for some c0ffee and another for sugar.

  24. I would definitely use them in the kitchen. We have small 1940’s metal cabinets and I need help making things more compact so they would be perfect to holding pasta, crackers, cereal, sugar, cookies, rice.

  25. I wowuld use them to store cereal, rice, flour and snacks! I really need something like this to save room in my tiny pantry!

  26. I would store things in my pantry, dry pasta, rice, sugar, and anything else I want close at hand and easy to get to.

  27. Hi! I would probably use them to store items such as macaroni,cereal,rice,sugar,flour,cookies,teabags,,etc..Lots of things could be stored in these!

  28. I would use them in my kitchen to store pastas and other dried goods


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  30. I would use them to organize my pantry. Probably put flour, sugar, rice ect. in them

  31. I can think of so many things to put into these containers, but my brain is going in a different direction. Right now I’m thinking how convenient they would be for a picnic. I could use them for the lunch meats, different salads, pickles, olives, cut veggies, etc. And they would fit so easily into my cooler. Thanks.

  32. How great it would be to have this set to organize my cabinets. It would help me to get rid of all those 1/2 boxes of things like : cereal, rice, bread crumbs, pancake mix, etc. If I had them I would actually be able to “see” what I have . Plus I’d have a lot more space and be better organized. Thanks for the opportuninty fish!

  33. I would use these canisters for cereal,walnuts and pasta to tidy up my pantry.

  34. I would use them for cereal, grains, pasta, candy, chips, sugar, flour, teas.

  35. I would use the Rubbermaid Modular Canisters to store my baking staples (flour, bread flour, whole wheat flour, oatmeal, corn meal, bran, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, and the like). Thanks for the opportunity to win them.

  36. I would use these to organize dog supplies such as kibble, treats, and rawhide chewies!

  37. I’d put my snacky foods in them. Cheezits, preztels, pub mix.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  38. Let’s see… with a fam of 7 LOTS of stuff to organize and LOADS of food stuff….
    Pasta’s, Rice, Cereal’s, Sugar (white, brown & cane), cookies, granola, raisins and nuts –
    My gluten free items that all have to be stored separately in their own containers to avoid cross-contamination! WOOT!

  39. I would put some staple pantry items in them such as oatmeal, flour, sugars, etc.

  40. I would put all my pasta in them. The boxes and packages of it take up too much room in our pantry right now


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  42. I would use the big ones for flour & sugar & the rest for snack items!

  43. I have so much I could use them for such as potato chips, crackers, bread, instant mashed potatoes, flour, sugar, muffin mix, hot cocoa, tea bags, drink packs (the kind you buy to put in a bottle of water)
    sauce packs from fast food places, I have so many uses for them.
    snacks when traveling in car,

    Thank you so very much for giving me a chance to be a winner

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  48. Our little one has so many different games with so many pieces that I could use the largest of the Rubbermain Canisters for her; in the kitchen, I have boxes of cereal that should be kept in airtight containers because we don’t eat them very often; crackers and cookies too

  49. i would put opened cereals and dry mixes in them to keep them fresher longer and to keep out bugs

  50. Things in my cupboard that are open and are not easy to close like noodles, crackers, bread crumbs, etc.

  51. I would love to use a few for my baking supplies, and others for goldfish crackers, cookies & other goodies for the kids!

  52. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Our son is allergic to wheat, eggs & peanuts. I like to bake (in general) and I like to try to make him various versions of things we normally take for granted (cakes, cookies, pancakes, waffles, muffins, fried chicken, etc.). So I would use the Rubbermaid cannisters to house the different non-wheat flours (white rice, brown rice, sorghum, buckwheat, etc.), starches (tapioca, corn, potato, etc.) and grains (quinoa, rice, etc.) that we like to keep on hand for him.

    Brown rice flour would go in the largest cannister, then we would go from there.

    These items are already more expensive, but are less so if you get them in bulk. So being able to store them in bulk would help; plus, more on hand would mean more experimenting so more variety for our son!

  53. I would put Goldfish, Cereal, Pretzels, more cereal, oatmeal, sugar, flour, powdered sugar.

  54. I would use the canisters to store all of my baking ingredients (nuts, chocolate chips, coconut).

  55. I would put my baking supplies in them, flour, bread flour, sugar, chocolate chips, brown sugar, etc.

  56. I buy a lot of stuff at the health food store (beans, barley, flax) and most of it is sold in a bulk container and you just scoop out your portion into a bag and that’s where I leave it once it’s home! So I’d definitely use the containers for that stuff. Wouldn’t have to worry about mice or messes.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a practical prize!

  57. I would put my flour, sugar, Corn meal and cereal in these canisters.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


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  60. I would use them in the kitchen. At the moment I have nowhere really to store flour, sugar, rice.

  61. I’d use it for the bulk pantry items like oatmeal, pasta, cereal, etc, similar to how you used it.
    Monique dot burkes at gmail dot com

  62. I’d like to put snacks and baking staples in them or anything small food-wise that would fit.

  63. I would use them in the kitchen to store cereal, snacks, pasta, cookies or any other dry goods.

  64. We are big snackers so I’d use it to keep granola, candy, crackers, etc… fresh.

  65. I’d put raisins, flour, sugar, brown sugar in them. Maybe cereal too!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. i would put cereal, pretzels, chips, peanuts, almonds, pecans, and more cereal in these!

  67. I would store all of our breakfast items (cereal, oatmeal, granola) in this set. Thanks!

  68. I would use these in my RV for tea, coffee, sugar, flour, cereal, pretzels, cookies, & crackers. They would stay wonderfully fresh.

  69. I would love to organize my boys arts and craft supplies. Everthing from crayons and stickers to glue and paints. Fun blog!

  70. i would use them in the kitchen for pasta, cookies, cereal, flour and sugar

  71. I just finished re-organizing my whole pantry and don’t have a container to spare. If I won these they would be for the new items that I haven’t bought yet, like a coconut flour I have my eye on, snacks and whatever I have forgotten I need 🙂

  72. Thanks for the giveaway…certain members of our family have “issues” when it comes to storing dry goods (i.e. breakfast cereal, bulk rice, wheat flour, etc.)…cough…”spillage”…cough… so a set of Rubbermaid containers would be a helpful addition to our pantry !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  73. Lots of choices, rice, couscous, cereal, dried fruit, or brown sugar are my top preferences.

  74. I would store winter gear in them: gloves, mittens, thin scarves, hats, etc…

  75. I would put cookies, rice, flour, cereal, sugar,, candy,macaroni and corn meal in them.

  76. Since I bake a lot:
    flour, sugar, dark brown sugar, powdered sugar and light brown sugar.

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