Learning to Disconnect and Reconnect

For the last year and a half or more I spent a good majority of my life online. Sharing my trials, joys, triumphs, pitfalls and rantings on my blog. I even got into the “marketing” aspect where I could review some great products, some not so great products, and hold some fabulous giveaways.

That all ended. Will end. Is coming to an end.

You may be saying, “NO!” or “Why?” or maybe you truly could give a rat’s ass. The fact remains that I always said my life is not my blog. In fact my life made a wonderful detour on a path I was traveling without regard for direction.

I was offered a phenomenal job. One that I was leery of taking. I erred on the side of caution because of how change would drastically affect my family, my children, our dynamics. Being wrong never felt so good about how change is fabulous and ever amazing.

Being away from my blog, the people associated with my blog allowed me to rekindle a love of myself, of how precious my family is, and I have met some AMAZING friends with change. These friends are people I have a hard time not having in my day because they are vibrant, intelligent, fun, and best of all they are REAL. REAL human beings.

In no way am I knocking or belittling the relations I have built with some phenomenal women online, however, the beauty and truth of real life connections and the disconnect of the internet is amazing. I can see when my friends need to talk, their expressions when they laugh, when we have the exact same thought and how we felt as if we have been friends for ages.

Recently I am happy to say I have disconnected online. I feel the internet lately has been rather toxic, I log in to reconnect with the people I feel are truly genuine and with whom I have the utmost respect. Otherwise I have no reason to be online except to connect with them.  The internet can be a powerful tool for just about anything and in fact your standard tool, *cough, village idiot, can use it to destroy, lie, cheat, and more. No longer is my blog a place of solace to share my unyielding love for my family, for life, I lack any desire to write because I need no vindication.

I don’t need an ego stroked, stats, products, reviews, giveaways, conferences, while all those are great, I found what I needed the most and what others may need to is to disconnect.

Step away from the PC and reconnect with real people, in a truly authentic way without blogging about it, or staging a “blackout” to disconnect about it. Reclaim you when you feel burned out by just walking away and not giving a shit. I did…and I won’t look back.

I may write again. I may talk about how my children have evolved into even more magnificent creatures in only 45 days, but for now. I am content to keeping them all to myself. Content with the ability to disconnect and reconnect with people who are not sitting behind a keyboard all day. One day I hope to reconnect with those I have disconnected with, and if not, I thank you for your kinship, your genuine and authentic selves, and for being my muse.

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  1. You know I will miss ya in this internet world Karie- truly you are one of the most brilliant writers , and I do hope someday you return.
    Perhaps you will return not so much a ‘Mommy’ blogger but maybe of a different sort. You have fire and passion and it’s always interesting to see your take on whatever subject you approach.
    It’s tough to see you leave, but by disconnecting, you’re allowing yourself to be yourself, and when and if you return, you will be so much better.
    Hugs to ya, and no goodbyes- only later…..

  2. I admit there was a time when I coudnt get enough of the internet. Now its only a few fleeting moments when Greg takes a nap0 nothing else…no regrets at all! I to am happy to reconnect with more real people than people I will probably never see. However, occassionally its nice to go online and write something even if noone is reading it but just for me to have put it there in the open.

    So I am proud of your new found status and happiness and may you continue this way. Maybe one day our paths will cross again!

  3. You will be missed mama! We disconnect every year when we go on vacation and it is wonderful. Best of luck to you and your new job!

  4. Good for you. I will miss you while you are gone, but look forward to the times when you pop into update us on those cute kiddos of yours, yourself and maybe your new job.

    I hope it’s everything you imagined and more.

  5. What’s funny is that I was just thinking about how I missed seeing you on Twitter & figured you were busy with work. I’m happy that you’ve found real life connections that make you happy. Kinda jealous. But my time will come too. Someday. When I don’t live amongst roadrunners, coyotes and tumbleweed and actually know who my neighbors are.
    Oh… I’m rambling. Enjoy your family and your friends. It was great meetin’ ya T-Wife.

  6. Goob I will miss you dearly, and have been over the past couple of weeks, but I would never begrudge a fellow mom the joy of actual face-to-face connections. We all need them. Hugs! Please keep in touch, I’d go crazy without hearing from you a few times. SMMOOOCH:-}

  7. I miss you but I am glad that you are disconnecting. I have been disconnecting from life completely lately and it feels strange but good. Change is good. xoxo.

  8. I know I speak for many, many people when I say you will most definitely be missed around the blogosphere!! But I ultimately understand your decision to grasp ‘real life’ by the horns so to speak.
    You need to do what’s right and what’s best for yourself; not anyone else, and while the internet has had a good run in your life, it’s time to move onto something bigger and better.

    Speaking of which, a HUGE congratulations on your amazing job opportunity!!

    I really do hope you will keep us up to date on your life and it’s happenings.

  9. You will be missed dearly – but I’m not going to say good-bye. I can’t okay?

    I will miss your face in mingles, and your humor, but I do understand the need to step away from the computer. I’ve found myself doing it a little more each day. It really is liberating! I don’t think I can go cold turkey – yet!

    Good luck in all that you do (hugs)

  10. I’m so proud of you Karie. You have overcome much and by crikey you are just one impressive mama. I wish you the best of luck in your new job, but I know you are going to ROCK it.

    Seeing you go is so bitter sweet. I’ll miss you but am excited for this new chapter in your life.

    I am truly blessed to have “known” you in the interwebs.

    Godspeed Friend.

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