Say I Love You with Warm Tea – Tea Gallerie Giveaway


Nothing is more comforting that curling up to a nice cup of hot tea, unless it’s with your special someone. I received two samplings from Tea Gallerie and my husband and I enjoyed them together. I always look forward to Tea Galleries loose tea to share with family and friends. A good hot cup of tea can take the chill out of you and help you relax.


I tend to gravitate to the green teas and Tea Gallerie has a wonderful selection:

  • Chunmee
    Cherry Rose
    China Jasmine
    Gen Mai Cha
    Green Mango Tea
    Green Plum And Pear
    Green Pomegranate
    Green Tangerine
    Jasmine Blueberry
    Jasmine Pearls
    Lemon Mango
    Moroccan Mint
    Green Pina Colada
    Tropical Green
    Tropical Passion Fruit
    Vanilla Jasmine
    Jasmine Peach
    Cherry Almond
    Ginseng Green
    And Many More

These loose teas are not only delicious to brew but pretty to look at. I keep mine in glass mason jars with labels. I gives the kitchen a homey look and fills us with natural antioxidants, and other good things.


Say I love you with a cup of tea. Tea Gallerie is going to give one person China Jasmine and the Green Pomegranate teas to try.

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