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As we enter into spring and with so many of us taking our resolutions seriously with weight loss and living healthier lives we are in need of a new wardrobe. Yes ladies and gents, shopping!

I am lucky enough to bring you one of my favorite brands, Old Navy and the special offers they have on the website The site features some hot deals for kids and toddlers as well as the “Item of the Week” which is a super deal and of course totally fashionable from Old Navy.

The “Item of the Week” for the week of February 26th to March 4th is Men’s Short Sleeved-shirts and they are available for $8.00 (Reg. $19.50) Men’s short-sleeved shirts are small on price but big on style. With a slightly tapered cut, retro print and buttons, they come in classic spring colors and look super with jeans or khakis. Whatever his taste, the Men’s short-sleeved shirts are a can’t-miss style buy. You can only get them in stores so be sure to head to your local Old Navy to take advantage of these great deals for “Item of the Week.”

In addition to the “Item of the Week” I am bringing you a giveaway for even MORE savings at Old Navy where I am giving away TEN (10) coupons for $50 off your purchase of $100 or more at Old Navy good for the week of February 26th to March 4th.

So I want you to tell me who wears the Men’s Short Sleeved-shirts better?
Supermodelquin Josh or Supermodelquin Wesley?
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The date allows enough time to pull winners and distribute coupons in a timely manner. The coupons are date sensitive and are one time use only. If the coupon is not used it will expire and a new coupon will NOT be redistributed.
Best of luck!
*The Five Fish did not receive anything in exchange for this post. This post is a hosted giveaway for promotional purposes only and I was contacted by the host company on behalf of Old Navy. Registered & Protected

64 Replies to “Shop Old Navy Weekly for $50 Off”

  1. Okay, I think I might have seen everything. Old Navy has FB Fan pages with the mannequins???? Ummm… yeah. Really??? Okay. Shows you how little I watch television – I try to avoid ads as much as possible.

    Okay so…. given the info presented, I really only saw SuperModelquin Josh in a short-sleeved shirt. So I'm going to have to go with him.

    badgermomma at gmail dot com

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