Strawberry Shortcake – Dance Berry Dance DVD


Dance along with Strawberry Shortcake and her friends’ adventures! Apple causes “The Berry BittyDance Disaster” when she invents groove booties to keep up with her pals’ moves. Strawberry and Plum use the booties to teach puppies ballet, but one will become a “Doggie Dance No-Show.” And Cherry Jam must find a solution when she can’t escape the popularity of her “Dance Puppy Dance” song. Continue reading “Strawberry Shortcake – Dance Berry Dance DVD”

Winning Moves is Winning Over Summer Boredom

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Now that school is out for most of us it’s time to find creative and educational things for our kids and families to do. The trick is to not let them know that they’re learning! Winning Moves has an excellent selection of games to help keep the kids occupied without losing their attention. Plus, they aren’t zoning out on video games. Check out these games from Winning Moves that will keep your kids learning and entertained during the summer. Continue reading “Winning Moves is Winning Over Summer Boredom”

Nickelodeon Hearts Valentines with Paw Patrol and Blaze of Glory

Little hearts matter too, give kids the gift of Paw Patrol and Blaze of Glory. While these are not available until 2/28/17 these videos will give the little ones something special to look forward to even after Valentine’s Day. The two videos will bring a smile to their faces and remind them that they are thought of too. Continue reading “Nickelodeon Hearts Valentines with Paw Patrol and Blaze of Glory”

Mathnasium of Gilbert


Understanding the Mathnasium Method

There’s no shortage of learning methods available to children. This is great since all children learn in different ways. However, one learning method that has proven to be the most effective is Mathnasium. For a number of years, this learning method has changed the way that kids appreciate and understand math. It has become so effective that many learning centers have popped up all over, such as the Mathnasium of Gilbert. Here’s a quick look at the idea behind Mathnasium. Continue reading “Mathnasium of Gilbert”

Dash and Dot Robot

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Momma of 4 Cutiez

Play and learn with the Wonder Workshop, who believes that every child should be empowered to question, think and create. They want to encourage them to be curious and to find their own joy in learning. Coding enables creativity. By learning to code, kids are becoming shapers of their own world. PSSST! Dash & Dot are even fun for adults! Continue reading “Dash and Dot Robot”

Children’s Museum of Phoenix Celebrates College Savings Month

While October may be traditionally reserved for pumpkins, pumpkin spice anything and breast cancer awareness, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix is celebrating education with college savings month in October. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix has over 48,000 square feet of learning, imagination and fun and this month they are promoting education in a variety of ways.  I wanted to share these great opportunities with my fellow Phoenicians. Continue reading “Children’s Museum of Phoenix Celebrates College Savings Month”

10 Tips to help your child for back to school

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Ten weeks of summer is just too long these days for kids and parents to brave. For some parents they have experienced the endless summer as their toddlers will be going to school for the very first time. Other parents will be fighting the struggles and anxiety some children feel shortly before going back to school. The event can be troublesome with getting back into the routine of early bedtimes, early morning wake-up calls, different teachers, different schools. Here are 10 tips to help your child (and you) for back to school. Continue reading “10 Tips to help your child for back to school”