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Understanding the Mathnasium Method

There’s no shortage of learning methods available to children. This is great since all children learn in different ways. However, one learning method that has proven to be the most effective is Mathnasium. For a number of years, this learning method has changed the way that kids appreciate and understand math. It has become so effective that many learning centers have popped up all over, such as the Mathnasium of Gilbert. Here’s a quick look at the idea behind Mathnasium.

History of Promoting Confidence

The Mathnasium Method promotes confidence in children. It took Larry Martinek more than 40 years to develop this learning method. While the overall process is complex, the main concept is simple: Mathnasium starts by building math skills based on what a child already knows. This means that the starting point is never the same for any child.


When a child starts the Mathnasium learning method, they start by taking customized assessment tests developed to pinpoint their educational needs. These aren’t tests that children can fail. Their purpose is to let instructors know where the child stands in terms of their math level. By starting children in the areas they need help in the most, the Mathnasium style of learning puts kids on the fast track to learning because they aren’t reviewing mathematical concepts that they’ve already learned.

Caring Instructors

Just like any learning style, the Mathnasium Method relies heavily on instructors who care and are specially trained in the field of mathematics. To become a member of one of these institutes, the instructors must go through a rigorous screening to determine their mathematical knowledge and familiarity. It’s important that these instructors have a good understanding of the subject because their mastery of math is what sets the basis for the entire course they teach.

Children learn at different rates. Some of them easily pick up concepts, while others take longer to master them. It’s unfair to assume that all children will learn at the same rate, and Mathnasium addresses this issue. The end result is a learning method that boosts kids’ confidence and attitudes in school.

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful place to have your children go and I know for my grandchildren they all learn different.

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