All About Peptides

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If you are a body builder or professional athlete, you probably know all about the mini-proteins that make up the latest and greatest in weight-loss and muscle building wonders for the human body. For those of you that don’t know anything about the newest and best product to come out of the research clinics, this article is for you. Here are a few facts all about peptides. Continue reading “All About Peptides”

GainZ Box For the Gym Addict – 52 Weeks of Subscriptions, Shopping & Boxes

About a year and a half ago I went on a major transformation with my health. Lifting heavy weights and paying attention to what I was eating was on the daily for me. I quickly became a gym addict and loved all that I was feeling; sore, tired, energized and always hungry. Last fall needed something new in my routine and I found CrossFit, rather functional fitness. Of course, like any good thing a monthly box and subscription exists for the gym addict, Gain[Z] boxes, which are curated based on functional fitness. A monthly box that contains awesome workout clothes, fitness coupons and swag, as well as fitness gear and other goodies! Who wouldn’t love the goodies contained in this box? Continue reading “GainZ Box For the Gym Addict – 52 Weeks of Subscriptions, Shopping & Boxes”

Summer Fun with Krazy Air

A few years ago a new sports type facility opened up in our neighborhood here in Mesa, AZ. The place is called Krazy Air. What the heck is Krazy Air, I thought, as I drove by the facility. Well, low and behold, the business is the joy I had experienced as a child, a sea of trampolines to bounce around on. As temperatures heat up here in Phoenix, we all head indoors for summer fun, Krazy Air is offering some crazy fun this summer at their facility. We as a family have spent many a birthday parties and afternoons at the facility to wear out the kids and just have an all around awesome time. I mean, who wouldn’t want to jump on indoor trampolines? Continue reading “Summer Fun with Krazy Air”

The Truth is The Truth Hurts

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Over this past weekend The Chad and I were talking truths. I am a huge fan of truth; speaking it, telling it, hearing it. Naturally we were discussing my uncanny ability to always tell the truth. My super power has a tendency to offend people. As we were hashing the details of past events of my truth talk, a certain person who has been offended, not only by my truth but my ability to only offer empathy, came up in our conversation. The person(s) has a tendency to wear Post-It notes of dubiousness, yellow stickies they are unaware of themselves, that scream out insecurities. I asked The Chad the truth about whether or not I have these same yellow notes, just as a matter of self-inflection. Continue reading “The Truth is The Truth Hurts”

Outdoor Spring Activities – Physical Fitness Month

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Hard to believe that we are already into May and almost half way through the year. Spring is in full swing with warmer weather, plants are in bloom, and a great time to get outdoors and get active. May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month—which makes it the perfect time to renew your commitment to a healthy, active lifestyle while inspiring your kids to do the same. Continue reading “Outdoor Spring Activities – Physical Fitness Month”

Love Your Body with Aurorae Yoga

With the new year came new resolutions and or goals to take better care of ourselves. Working out, eating right, and trying to find the balance of all of these positive goals and plans. One of my goals was to be more loving on my body with gentleness. As a full time CrossFit athlete and mom I beat myself up A LOT not only in the gym but at home. Our gym began to see the trend as well. Continue reading “Love Your Body with Aurorae Yoga”

Oriya Organics – Ultra Clean Superfood

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Oriya Organics

The health and fitness industry is all the rage. People everywhere are taking control of their health and the first step is often in the foods we eat. Protein shakes, meal supplements and superfood supplements help to fill the gaps in our often busy lifestyles. Personally I am always on the go and packing fresh cooked chicken with my carbs and veggies can be a bit cumbersome. Carrying a lunch bag with me is not ideal when I am at the gym, grocery store or working. Continue reading “Oriya Organics – Ultra Clean Superfood”

Exercise App of the Year – Pokemon Go

Admittedly, I was that parent with the vehement opposition to installing Pokemon Go on my kids’ phone. I thought to myself, “Hell no! I do not want my kids roaming around like zombies staring at their phones. Bad enough we have adults glaring into their phones, now the kids!?” Until, like all my other thoughts and words, I ate those words. Caving to the kid pressures,  I allowed my teenage son to download the app to play this game. The decision was probably the best thing for The Chad, I, and our son. You see when G started playing, the kid got outside more. He started walking, and walking quite a bit. He would text me asking me for the conversion of kilometers to miles. The first day G played Pokemon Go, he walked over a mile and a half through our neighborhood. I was sold that Pokemon Go was the exercise app of the year. Continue reading “Exercise App of the Year – Pokemon Go”

Enough is Enough

For the last ten months of my life I have been completely disheveled: mentally, emotionally, and most days, quite literally, physically. A choice of my own making as I went on a personal overhaul of my health, physical appearance, mental capacity, and spiritual cognizance. Late last year I made an extreme decision to take ownership of my weight and weight loss. I decided I wanted to lose all of my baby weight from my twins (maybe some extra), transform my body and participate in a bodybuilding fitness competition. Knowing this decision was not light, the road would be long, hard and a challenge to say the very least, I accepted my personal call to action. Like anything else in my life, I was all in! No one could stop me. Yet, somewhere along the way I deviated from my original goal to transform my body. My waters muddied, my train running away from itself and this monster of a being began to emerge. Continue reading “Enough is Enough”

Muay Thai in Thailand For Your Next Holiday

Suwit Muay Thai in Thailand

When people talk about holidays they usually discuss the best beaches and attractive places where people can relax and enjoy life. However, in the recent period there is a growing trend among people who are planning their next holiday. They are getting more interested in the physical activities in which they can participate in the country they have chosen to visit. In case you are one of these people and you have finally decided to take some actions and do something good for your health, we will recommend visiting Thailand. Continue reading “Muay Thai in Thailand For Your Next Holiday”