GainZ Box For the Gym Addict – 52 Weeks of Subscriptions, Shopping & Boxes

About a year and a half ago I went on a major transformation with my health. Lifting heavy weights and paying attention to what I was eating was on the daily for me. I quickly became a gym addict and loved all that I was feeling; sore, tired, energized and always hungry. Last fall needed something new in my routine and I found CrossFit, rather functional fitness. Of course, like any good thing a monthly box and subscription exists for the gym addict, Gain[Z] boxes, which are curated based on functional fitness. A monthly box that contains awesome workout clothes, fitness coupons and swag, as well as fitness gear and other goodies! Who wouldn’t love the goodies contained in this box?

gain[z] box may, gain[z] box, gym addict gain[z] box, crossfit subscription box, functional fitness monthly subscriptionJoie and I were on a mission to share some fabulous products from around the web. We found that there is a retailer, brand, subscription box for just about any addiction, love, obsession and desire. My addiction and love is fitness. I could really talk about all the awesomeness that happens to your health when you lift heavy weights, but I will spare you the boring details for now. Anyway, with my love of fitness I found a subscription box that includes kickass goodies from workout clothes (which every gym goer needs) to the latest in clean eating noms to fabulous health beverages and gym accessories (chalk, tape, etc), plus a unique collectible.

More than just spectacular items inside, each Gainz box stands for something humble, kind and awesome (if you ask me). Gain[Z] is an American and veteran owned business. A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of every box goes to support veteran charities. Gain[Z] is the epitome of the cornerstone values exhibited by functional fitness in relation to community. These boxes contain products from brands that were born of the gain[z] box, gym addict gain[z] box, crossfit subscription box, functional fitness monthly box, veteran businessCrossFit (functional fitness) community and support those folks who exist in this community. If you don’t know anything about CrossFit other than their intense workouts, at least get to know that the people in and of the functional fitness arena pride themselves on community.

Some of the great companies, products and messages you can expect in a GainZ box are not just for athletes, but any gym goer and fitness aficionado.

  • Apparel, what everyone loves

In the May and June box an inspiring and motivating piece of apparel was included. The cost of the box is paid for in itself with each piece of gear you receive.

  • Supplements are included in each monthly box.

Gain[Z] helps take the guesswork out of supplement research by including informational cards and a tasty sample.
gainz box, gain[z] box, crossfit subscription, fitness box

  • Equipment, if you can believe it, fits inside each box!

May had sweet packages of chalk which are a necessity for lifting and gymnastics movements (like pull-ups) in a heart pounding functional fitness workout. June included resistance bands excellent for an anywhere glute building workout or an anywhere workout period!

  • Collectibles, such a nice little surprise to each box.

May and June boxes had awesome goodies from Caffeine and Kilos, Dirty Bird soap, and Fit Aid to name a few!

  • Clean Eats, fuel your body!

Companies like FitAid, SmashPack Protein, Quest bars and more, give athletes a wide variety of clean eat and snacking options for the on-the-go athletic lifestyle.

  • Knowledge

What better way to understand how the professionals perform and what is tried and true in their regimen than with getting the inside scoop. Each GainZ box has postcard size info-graphics to help inform and educate each recipient to be the best they can be, each and everyday by informing them with how-to’s and more.

Gain[Z] boxes are a great way to build up your personal collection of fitness goodies, build up someone else’s as a gift, and you are building up an entire network. From GainZ itself to the companies they partner with and the charities they support. GainZ gives a whole new meaning to “box” with their functional fitness inspired goodies. Each box is specially curated by a team of experts and when you complete your profile, you are sure to receive goodies fit just for you. Plus there is no commitment, sign up fees or cancellation fees, you choose your plan based on the flexibility or savings. Whether you are new to fitness and everything seems foreign or are an old pro to the WOD, Gain[Z] boxes are excellent for athletes of all levels and walks of life.

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